Stories of heaven

In my early months of psychosis I was under the impression that I had made contact with some type of unearthly phenomena. My assailant never openly associated himself with heaven. I was involved in paranormal activities when I got sacked into Alice in Wonderland. He skirted away from heaven being his location because he would have had to hand me over to my loved ones on day one.


Laugh tracks ha ha ha

Comedy has its advantages. Even television sitcom uses laugh tracks. What do Satan and comedy have in common? When my journey with the voices began the program had dug it’s fingers in my soul, perhaps not literally but I was somehow plugged into something that controlled certain aspects of my thought process. For whatever reason different people respond in different ways. Those who are able to view themselves from the vantage point of a fly on the wall seem to do better than others. Being an intellectual has its saving grace.

I just could not stop talking, the words spilled out of me, this was a new adventure and words were my forte and this medium gave me opportunities that had never been presented before.

Our daily joke was cast every morning when I got into the shower. Keep in mind I am accompanied by the voice of a man who can see and hear me naked in the shower, not exactly comforting when you are not induced in a mind control program. My morning shower avatar was bathsheba. ….I do some of my best work in the shower.

I was introduced by Satan to laugh tracks and boy were they a hoot. The best track were questions about jesus christ. He would ask questions and I would give my spontaneous answer and hysterics would follow. Laugh tracks like every other aspect of microwave hearing have their dark side. Here is my thoughts on the topic. As you can see I love lists….

…….laugh tracks build bonds between people, no differently than watching your favorite television show with a friend.

……laugh tracks are being recorded, they are a compilation of positive brain waves stored for further use in the future. They like any food item in your freezer have an expiration date.

…..laugh tracks tease you into a good mood while under neath subliminal messages are being administered that induce the victim and apply regression.

…..imagine this form of mind bending being induced by law enforcement. A potential murder suspect is interviewed under the influence of the program. Questions are asked about the death of the victim. The suspect answers unwittingly with humorous out takes that give away his motive and methods while laughing all the way to death row.

….laugh tracks regress the victim by asking questions about the past procuring knowledge about topics that you may not realize you had.

…..During the jesus christ laugh track I became aware that my answers contained the key to solving the voice hearing dilemma. Piece’s of history were being extracted in the most unusual manner.

…..laugh tracks are living recordings with a time limit. They are your intellectual property and continue to evolve and change with time. My anger and rage can influence a track recorded yesterday.

…..laugh tracks have components, just as we learned in English class long ago. Sentences are created with nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives etc. Each component has a specific value. Verbs are action words and describe movement in time and space. Nouns are names and places that remain constant. When I first began recording paranormal phenomena I was perplexed that the recordings changed everday. Some aspects remained constant and others did not.

….The laugh tracks have other purposes also. In order for Satan to be able to connect to the electricity of your home he requires continued brain contact in many modes. Verbal contact based upon sounds emerging from your voice box:

1 locate you geographically

2 preserve the integrity of his blue print of your home and keep it from fading in his system. The system was engineered to keep things only for a certain time period protecting living creatures from abuse.

3 your verbal communications are being manipulated to sends signals to the program that your participation is voluntary. The program has an over ride built in incase someone tries to create a loop hole. The program tabulates the responses and behaviors of the users incase someone is being coerced.

4 if Satan loses control of the situation and his victim pulls away emotionally he can play the recordings subliminally in the back grounds, smearing collections of your brainwaves against your own to induce a reaction or conversation to jump start a car with dead batteries. …an analogy.

God syndrome

Empowerment program of giving an individual what they are seeking or a double dose of their own attributes to inflate ego and make them into a super hero type.

Part of the darkie games….He turns innocent people into god so he can then instigate and call it a game. We become a game price and he hates god because he wants to be god and defeat god. The game does not end unless the game price dies or extracts themselves by no longer interfacing and speaking to him.
Your words are raw data
Anything you say will be used against you
Too much talk creates head contact and he will extract info by force
Every aspect of your body and mind is attached to and damaged
He builds you up only to destroy you
Talk creates electrical movement around you that effects brain out put and creates severe psychosis
Psychosis creates a world within a world feel
Dellusional thinking
Not grouded

God program is used in India and Israel to re enforce the idea if God and heaven. …to increase tourism and give people the inner Walt disney. God and heaven are big sellers.

All seeing eye program

The box
The cube god
Part of a spaceship equipment
Connected to the sun, the disc’s and the arc
Communication module
Go between man and machine during space flight
Can modulate weather
Hands free communication
Enter facing with electricity
Using frequency as a weapon
Mind control on personal and planet wide
Negative advertising
Kills bees and insects because of high pitch noises
Whales and dolphins beach themselves
Fish kills
Bird flu
Effects animal migration patterns
Destroys flora and fauna
Bipolar it
Serial killers
Cult mentality
Subjugation and control
The myth of heaven
Influencing all aspects of human thought
Program planet wide
World schizophrenia map
Crib death
Biblical events
Earth quake waves
Nuclear war simulation
Sexual abuse
Program can locate
Program has sonar
Program can build blueprints of building from inside by listening to you talk
Can attach to electrical panel and circuitry
Can create nerve electrical reaction to cause movements of limbs
Can increase electrical output of brain
Can cause heart attack by doing same
Ring of fire
Cause ulcers by attaching to stomach acidity
Musical notes
Move electricity around
Read through and see through by connecting to the optical nerve
Attach to human voice box
Voice to skull
Attach to large bones of the body
Stream sickness
Noise pollution
Transfer of mental scheme of one user to the entire planet
Blow bulbs around the house

Little Indian man

Age unknown
From india….Malaysia
Killed his mother, father, brother, wife and children
He speaks english, german, french
Lived in germany, yugoslavia
Illegal in usa?
Used the box since a child
Box part of family business
Self absorbed
Sexual god bullshit
Child molester
Potential arrest record in Canada for sexual misconduct
Entered us through Canada
Using box to spy in America and collects info regarding technology and military, influencing people to hire indians.
Might be part of a large group, he specializes in degrading humans by screaming obscenities
Cannot keep his mouth shut

Regresses people to see who they were
Facial recognition
Mistake with Google
Access to bank accounts and emails around the world
Might have a Jewish partner or Jews are doing the same thing
Hates women
Has been questioned somewhere by law enforcement about where abouts of his parents
Background in movie studio and dubbing
Musical abilities
Invented paranormal bulls hit
Might live in English speaking country where cars are driven opposite ours
Killed his dog
Crop circles?
Sent someone to my door
Is paid to kill humans as a way to test the efficiency of the box being used as a weapon of mass destruction with 100 percent success rate
Aims beams at planes
Causes hurricaines….Katrina
The name Jason
Worked as a morgue worker or for a funeral home
Story teller

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Attention deficit
Over sleeping
Mood shifts
Self talk
Tapping to communicate
Hearing voices inside secondary noises
Hearing ringing bells
Pins and needles
Migraine headaches
Panic and anxiety attacks
Hearing noises
Talking birds
Car noises
Sky noises
Ambulance noises
Throwing of voices against noises
Eyes in the sky
Helicopter noises
Being zapped
Being electrocuted
Car accidents
Physical mishaps
Upset stomach
Third Eye syndrome
Hearing your name called
Losing days
Inability to control your finances
Automatic speech
Automatic writing
Lack of personal heigene need
Suicidal thoughts
Seeing things
God syndrome
Satanic syndrome…goth
Self medicating
Drugs and alcohol Continue reading Symptoms of schizophrenia