White against White…..

I thought spending a life a way from politics and religion would spare me the bullshit that others need spread on their daily toast. Seven years ago Israel found me and almost destroyed my life in the process. I have documented these events and tried to understand them as best as I can. I am afraid that ignoring issues may not save humanity ir be in their best intetest. We are being programmed to turn our heads against our own best directive….that is the heart of mind control technology that such things can be achieved.

Often we see the world as a struggle between the rich and the poor….the white and none white races but it cannot be further than the truth. Our world is AR war…..serious war. Today there is a man made hurricane created to test human endurance and the ability to displace population for political gain. If you can absorb that then you are sitting in the middle of a war being waged on the east coast of the United states. What you are watching is a weather pattern that can be controlled and maneuvered by humans within certain guidlines. Each attempt is to breach that line where a weather pattern hits a coastline and dies off. As they learn from these attempts someday an entire residential neighborhood can and will be a direct hit.

Our world is at war and that war knows no boundaries. The adversary is a group called Zionists…..they once lived in a place called Zion in Judea now known as Israel. A place where they antagonize their neighbors with technology and we’re eventually ousted. Their leaders address me directly….they view me as the leader if the opposing party….my father was King David of Israel and pushed them out and was eventually himself deposed…..that event was 3000 years and it’s incorrectly dated…..the world knows it as Christianity…I am Mary. 

The Jews view themselves as a controlling faction who has an innate desire to rule and control others….they call it autonomy. Their societies believe in human slavery and absolute control. However they do note in desperation that absolute control has a price and we call it failure…..the more you push others the more they will come to hate you and eventually usurp your authority. Absolute control has created a life of desperation for Jews who periodically have to flee their own stupidity.

Collectively all over the world all day long they stick their fingers where it does not belong to suppress humans by using other humans as dental floss. Racial issues on this planet have a duality most do not undetstand….the less fortunate and minorities are thrown under the bus in front of other white races to create an aggressive response as Jews hope for us to be destroyed. Abraham Lincoln fought a bitter battle against slavery and abolished it knowing that human suffering does not equal service to others….he was killed shortly there after. 

The real war on this planet is white against white….a Jews want to return this planet to its former state by turning back time. All around you be aware of events that don’t appear political but are created for disturbance….a Jews diverse weather….forest fires….planes falling out if the sky….trains derailing…cops shooting blacks and blacks killing whites. Every force of aggression creates an opposing force of its own. When you feel angry and outraged at the things you see, think twice…..technology that you don’t understand can harness your rage just like a breeze against you.