When You Pay Attention…

In General I am totally devastated by news coverage and headlines as presented by CNN. However this afternoon a small video on facebook was a great moment to actually listen and learn something new. The anchors were in the southwest region of the United states bordering on Mexico, they interviewed ranchers about their feelings regarding the upcoming election and how it related to their daily lives.

Never say red necks are stupid and unaware if what goes on….they were very informative and aware of how this country is declining….in relationship to immigration issues.

They were worried that even building a wall between Mexico and the United States would not be effective enough to stop those who are determined. These people are watching Mexicans crossing their front yards daily carrying illegal arms and weaponry seen in a battle field. They are unable to leave their ranches for any period of time without finding damage, broken fences and missing animals. 

As ranchers they are held accountable for the health of their animals which end up as food on American plates. They cannot safeguard the health if their stock because illegals are carrying disease across the border.  One rancher described seeing as many as 200 people crossing illegally….can you imagine what the numbers are over a 12 month period. 

They also feel that Mexicans are suffering because these people are flowing with the drug trade from other parts of South America. My personal feeling has always been that this country would have been a different one had someone chosen to annex Mexico and Cuba…rather than allow them to become a source of drugs and illegals.