What the Word Species Says About God….

Is there one god….is there more than one God and how does one a certain that. If the universe is a mathematical model where all things are interlinked and lead to one another then it’s safe to assume that the answer can be deduced from something already in sight.

Every form of life on this planet belongs to a category called species….which means that we arose from a common denominator which gives us a support factor and a reason to stay together both for preprogrammed reasons and future endeavors. Preprogrammed is a set of scripts that you cannot change readily and are previewed and updated by the creator either from their perspective or by repetitive use that shows them that change may be beneficial. Species makes us more productive and safe as a larger unit.

Humans fall into 7 distintinct racial groups and we are both different in certain aspects of physiology as we are emotionally. And as we can see rather bluntly those differences have generated quite a buzz in human history as they are doing right now as I write this paragraph.  

The conversation last night was is there one God or are we 7 groups created by 7 creators as we believe and understand which will be presented to you shortly. Why would one God create 7 species only to observe them killing and annotating each other daily. Was he or she congratulating themselves as they wait to see who the sole survivor might be…and will that survivor be declared the master race. 

We have come to understand that 7 creative forces are in action. Several of these seven races are well suited to corporate and work together building families and cities together. Several of these species are deadly and are currently responsible for causing a deficit in society. A few of us know a lot of things the rest if you don’t and will find out soon. 

For a long time the cultural belief was that time, patience, economy, food and education solve all problems over time. Science tells us otherwise.  That internal programming if some species cannot be over ridden by simple acts of kindness. There are things we know about one species that could make the rest if you run for safety.  These reasons are provocative enough that a handful of people are about to make a decision to remove half the population on this planet to safeguard the rest. What we know has been.learned the hard way and the time and space does not exist to teach you what we know and how it has been learned. Sometimes saving a species means allowing those who are oblivious to live in peace. We all believe that democracy means that everyone is always in the know and part of the process…..the truth is not that way. When the danger has been removed you will understand why.

Someday the truth shall be taught that the word racist describes every living being. No matter what color you are you are part of a group programmed to prefer, defer and protect its own while learning to make alternate decisions at the same time.

The creator made each human as a whole and function being capable of attaining specific goals on a wide range. The universe is programmed internally and externally with its own barometer ir gage to monitor human growth and nurture it. You cannot program humans like computers….we have free will which means that all lessons accumulate with repetition, understanding and personal preferences. 

The human population itself contains elders within it with fraternity experience that are chosen to lead others by example and be leaders when required. Shortly you will see how that works and who they are. The leadership on this planet has been tampered with and withheld by other groups for their advantage and to our disadvantage. We are not and we’re not random mutations which formed on a clump of earth.