What is violence….

I wrote the title to this posting earlier today as I wanted to spend some time thinking about it. A few minutes ago on facebook I saw another article suggesting that a shortage of resources causes violence. Violence has many causes, some are genetic and others are outside influences. Our world is slowly increasing speed towards violence….both on a small scale which is new on this planet and a large scale with armaments. There seems to be a disagreement on this planet depending on where you are as to what the future may hold and how much of a role you might be able to play in that drama.

Inspite of our differences as humans with all have some basic needs and although scarcity is not an issue on this planet there is a growing movement to limit access to those who have needs…and that is really true both in poor countries and rich countries. 

I remember years ago driving down the highway and I saw people fishing off the bridge…..it was not an uncommon scene…well those scenes are now against the law. In big cities and urban areas you are no longer allowed to do as you please in nature. Even where food is sold unlike European countries that now have passed a leader allowing the excess and unsold food products to be given to the needy we have yet to do so. The world has learned to turn it’s head and refuse to admit that humans with needs exist. 

I heard from a client who is a medical that in areas of the United states the poor are literally shipped to other locations so they are not an eyesore. So in an ever evolving planet we are having some difficulty addressing the needs of humans……and those who are wealthy prefer to think that the other half does not exist. But is this a normal trend or is there something more to this that we have yet to understand.

There are people who have spent a very long time studying humans for this very reasons…..they perhaps once came from places outside of our planetary realm…places where population and racial conflicts finally forced their societies to make a decision and they decided to create systems that would contain humans by force. You can call this synthetic violence….learning enough about every species so you can leverage one against another like match sticks until they extinguish themselves. 

A decision to override the natural cycle of human relationships that creates it’s own ebbs and tides to a system where those on top ensure their own future at all costs by never ever allowing anyone to rise to the top. They used technology to study the relationships between two possibilities to see how these points interact…..what they yield and how that residue can be used as a catalyst against another. Using super computers they could then plot points leading the present into the future with a desired outcome at the far end. This is called for casting but it can also be called disaster in the making.

Just a few days ago I was given my personal sampling of this type of conjecture. As you have all seen on my facebook page I have tried to identify roman statues with their living faces. There was one particular statue that I had admired for years but could not identify. Israel entered this item into a simpler computer tmso the owner could be found……and they created a pathway so oneday this person and I would meet on some level without an introduction. Last week I looked at CNN news …there was an article about a 15 year old girl who had been shot and killed….her father was Tracy Gay…..the man who’s face graced the statue that I could not identify. If you think you know what a super computer can do……you are incorrect. Israel can plan to kill a human by allowing them to find a disagreeable set if circumstances all on their own. 

The technology can continually push a human into making poor decisions until she those events become  uncermountable  and result in death. Violence can be manufactured…..think about it.