What is Gravity…..



the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass. For most purposes Newton’s laws of gravity apply, with minor modifications to take the general theory of relativity into account.

International avoirdupois pound is commonly used in united states, canada and britain and defined as0.45359237 kilograms. The abbreviations are “lb”, “lbs”. Kilogram is the base unit of mass (weight) in metric system and equals to the mass of one liter of water. 1 kilo equals to2.20462262 pounds.

Onice in a while when the topic of conversation is not about Jewish agenda and genocide by Jews we talk about intetesting things. this was a topic they brought up a few nights ago.

Grarity is more than it appears to be. the obvious relationship between mass which is density….ttechnology orbit of a planet which exerts force and the weight of an object which pulls itself against these values creates the impression of gravity.

According to nature the heaviest bird in the sky is the condor at 33 pounds. the ancient condors now extinct once graced the skies with 24 foot wingspan and 160 pounds of weight……his is a living animal in the sky.

HAve you ever watched planes take off…iis quite addicting to see them pull up and away and then approach against all odds to land. the human brain seems to relate to this simple observation in that we sense and feel those moments even standing on the ground. we are not just observing but partaking in a strange off handed way…….ts actually producing hormones on our body by simply using a visual contact to experience the euphoria of take off and landing.

The human brain is a program subject to downloads and updates between and after lifetimes. your brain contains a program suitable for your soecies….mmaking that the understanding of gravity and it’s forces are different in your brain than in the brain of another animal. that literally means that being able not to fly is a program that says your two feet shall not leave the ground the natural way. 

Now why would your manufacturer decide to not extend to you the gift of flight. what is it that birds do that we do not and why is that thing a better choice for animals of flight. birds lay eggs we give birth……..wWight is not the issue and both groups can be carnivores . intelligence is probably not it either but we form social groups in a different manner and we form bonds with our young for the long haul.

There are animals on earth and in the sky…aanimals that migrate and animals with a small territory. its safe to say that the brain of a territorial animal has a stronger sensation of ggravity.smeday artificial intelligence will allow humans to test that barrier to see if standing and walking can be affected by brain out put.

The lesson is that physics alone does not always explain the relationship between two forces…..ttat the creator programmed it’s creations with specific intent. arc technology allows me to sit here and pull from an invisible archive not found in a library….iI surrounds all of you…..ou will never know it’s there unless you sit down and desire to answer questions without go ogling the answer….y extending your desire the creators program will intetact with you. do you get the point?