What is Desire….

TTell present is a point in which you currently stand…..t is a moment in space and time…..tbis a tangible moment called reality because you are neither anticipating it or recounting it’s points from memory….yyou are standing iI it.

You are a collection of belief systems that are uniquely yours living inside a fishbowl with a set of changing rules and diagrams and the two interact and weave an understanding. each person is a bucket of information and additives that are their dictionary of success. the world is filled with an endless array of possibilities and storyline that can be yours if only you dare leave your living room. 

Desire is a projection…..yyou extend yourself beyond your known boundaries. you are a sensory creature who scans the horizon each day to determine the flavor of today. each one if us has a slightly different method of collecting data depending on personal preferences but we do it on auto pilot. 

Somehow we have a map quest that puts us in a lication that has no highways and byways. you know where you would like to go and how you would like to live. you can smell it’s aroma and feel it’s texture and wear it like a glove. densure is a test drive through a potential point in time based on data and for casting the future….one by the best super computer that anyone could own….ourself. 

Desire is as real as the actual it is if today…..ts a bit if time-saver without which tomorrow would not be complete. aLloyd tomorrow’s depend on today’s desire. aRe you ready to test drive your future? remember you are immirtal…. have tried to show you the facts on these pages. imortality protects you like a net so you are never afraid if the truth or daring to test your wits.