What happened to the Twelve Apostles……

Tonight Israel played a short recording by Gary Lanoue from Jupiter about the fate of the twelve apostles. Before reading any further please go back and glance over my previous posting about biblical Prophecy I posted an hour ago.

All twelve apostles came from leading families of the time. if you were taught that they were poor swarthy middle eastern types preaching chastity and poverty you could not be further from the trurh. The Url below will show you ancient icons of these peoe and who they are today. 


Christianity is really the end result story if something this planet has seen too often….a Jewish uprising followed by a pandemic caused by technology .  the machine used to cause the pandemic was not the only one owned and used in Galilee……the argument had always been over its correct use. that it was never intended as a device to spy on people , damage people and create pornography. Jesus himself as a young boy had been a victim of the elders of the Sanhedrin…..the judicial body of Jews.

When Jesus formed the group he was the person …..the Oracle through which Jupiter conveyed it’s opinion. The recording aged tonight said the following….

I was told ….that is me Nena…not to cry. That Israel only wants you to cry and beg for your life. I was told that the twelve apostles against their will were forced and subjected to the broadcast that we call the God program. That Israel used them to figure out how their behavior had been viewed by Jupiter and what reprocessing might come their way as a result.  The writings of the Apostles were not for the outsiders but for Israel……and eventually they killed every single apostle as a carrier of bad news.

I was told that I am Israel’s latest toy. That they wanted to hear Jupiter through me but never wanted my words publicized out if fear that the truth would eventually spread beyond their ability to clean up. They know that this technology and it’s after effects are so difficult to comprehend that telling strangers the real story of the arc of the covenant will leave them confused. 

 Over a period of 7 years I have told Israel where the bottom line is located .  I have been abused in the privacy of my home and I have chosen to openly tell my story…..regardless if what happens to me the truth is milliseconds away from seeing the light if day. Israel has made decisions they cannot escape and they have made it clear that they are only intetested in the future of  Jews. ..that this planet belongs to them….that we are all unwanted visitors. that our presence has made it impossible for them to be autonomous and to be the control factor. 

The arc allows them to identify….seek and destroy anyone who is a threat to their enterprise…….and oddly enough those who seek the truth often become voice hearers……they are given the truth and then observed to see if they are able to transmute that truth to the public in a way that will alter the fate of Israel. giving the truth is a litmus test of their life preserver abilities. accept this time it has gone wrong in many ways……it has spread to a large enough group and it has been placed on my website as well as facebook to be preserved …….as far as I know we still live in a country with freedom of speech.

If I die in the process before publication this facebook page becomes the property of every single member that I have friend ed.

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