What Happened to Syria…

Today has been a day of terror in my house. I was forced into an experiment against my will by Israel 7 yearscago….I had no clue where it would lead ir how it would end. I decided that knowing the truth and giving it back to humans was worth the effort…..not knowing that Israel has done this many times to allow themselves to kill the individual seeking the truth…..it is called the…Darkness Game…..because they hire the people of india to brutalized the white world using voice hearing.

Anyhow ….for some reason Jews like to talk about their crimes…..and Syria is one of them. Israel has a long standing vendetta against the Soviet Union where they once gathered , caused friction which led to the first world war…..and eventually to the 2nd world War and soon to the 3rd.

Syria was a friend and collaborator of Russia…….their government was a reflection of the other and soon they became a victim of Israel because the Jews feared that soon they would need to be on the run again. they talked about the United nations visiting Israel and seeing first hand the conflict of interest between the brutality shown towards palastine and the white washing if religion across the street. accruing to israel the flow of money was disrupted when the world powers felt uncomfortable with what israel might be……something not as they suspected….these were not peace keepers…..these were not people to be trusted with dangerous arms.

America is a strange duality right now. we are a country that has been infiltrated by the enemy.in many levels. they control publishing and media that has been their long standing attempt to control the image of Israel. the military of our country and it’s majority political body is still true to the constitution. this country is at war internally…..not visible to the naked eye. it is a war of money….connected to all sorts of dark and tawdry realities…..the war in Afghanistan…..the narcotics of India….the home grown terrorism of Israel ……voice hearing….genocide and an attempt for a corrupt Jewish body of financial corporations that have robbed the world blind and stuffed their accounts at our expense. it is an attempt to remove israel from our throats…forcing these animals to go back to their country and live their lives on their dime if they can……and they know they cannot.

Syria became a victim and soon Russia will put a hole in Israel…..so the smoke can be seen for miles and weeks.