Understanding the power of your limitations….

Every living organism is at the height of its power when it understands and controls it’s limitations. Limitations are those things that you set for yourself and others impose upon you until you feel that you are pushed to the extent that you cannot be at your best.

Limitations are financial and emotional. How many times have you tried to please another human or give to another person who failed to recognize that you were assisting them. Countries are no different that people except it’s far easier for a country to lose control because it lacks sensation in the traditional sense. Countries are economic organisms and those who are in office are looking for the power and affluence afforded by the proximity to power. The people of the country are always the last to know….they sense the bigger organism through their economic prosperity and social services afforded to them. America is a country out of control because it’s leadership cannot count or account for the money. Israel extended its hand and took the money….it even got us to give money to our enemies so they could laugh….Trump is a person who can count and account for money. He chose to run because he too could not understand how large American corporations began to falter and stumble and go out of business. Israel knows that the day of accountability is approaching. 

Trump discusses borders, immigration and manufacturing…..he is discussing limitations that were pushed outwards that need to be returned to their user settings.