Under the Shower…..

I am sitting in the shower being berated by Jews……they Crack their jokes at my expense and laugh like it is funny….I sit there with my bar if soap and listen. they talk about their hatred and disdain for humanity……they discuss how they used the listening modalities if the arc to determine who had not paid their taxes in the United  States.

Amongst the usual garbage of banter they discussed pandemics…..how they have reduced India over the centuries using this machine until no one dared counter them. They know that my research has turned up intetesting parallels to their crimes throughout human history…….that where you find pandemics you find Jewish uprisings. in 1349 they destroyed 75 million people in Austria……he joked about how that geographical area was suitable for Jews because it is closer to their natural habitat. he remarked that they might cause yet another pandemic in eastern Europe……they are white too he said….not like your kind but we hate them too. if things don’t work out for Israel in areas that we currently occupy then that is the plan. 

I wondered why they filled Empire makers so closely…..Jews are not like us….they are parasitic organisms that live off others…….they apparently took down Empires so they could throw out the dead bodies and make themselves comfortable inside nice architecture. the Indians had said that they too had done the same in India on a scale more appropriate to their stupidity and filth.

The Indian asked him why he does not kill me outright. he said I cannot use that modality on the arc…..it was always set for a large area so Noone could start to aim it at individuals within their homes. although they have tried desperately to use modalities that were created for life stalk and farm animals. years ago they attacked me with a tool intended to kill cattle with electricity by wrapping an invisible rope of electricity around its neck. A heart attack is induced in the same manner……yesterday the asshole talked about how killing a human with electricity does leave visible signs to be detected post mirtem…..that that paraneum…..a tissue surrounding the heart muscle discolored when exposed to electricity.

This was my shower minutes ago….I hope yours was better.