Trump Unshackled…

This morning I addressed the understanding of the power of limitations, no sooner than I wrote it that the headlines reflect a similar trend. Donald Trump Unshackled it reads….it appears that he too is sensing where his territory lies. He is a man with money and power and many placed their bets on his future not because they gave a damn but they wanted his influence to shine on them. One single trauma sent a few people running for the doors and out the other side.  This morning Trump has a lighter suitcase but understands himself a bit better than he did before. He has yet to take office but he has already lived through a tsunami.  

29 days until election day… 29 days can be a small number or it can be the greater possibility. 29 days is what you make of it and yourself in the process.  One man got to see the truth in action…never worry about what your enemy thinks…worry about those who support your actions.