Today’s Comments by Israel…..

There is a bizarre trend that Israel feels the need to describe it’s crimes to its victims at large. today a few more comments were made…

They said that during Obama’s time in office the Jews tried to pass legislature to bring the election process into review …they wanted to change the terms of the presidency into a permanent vote for office until death. they said that this effort did not go well and it disclosed their intentions behind closed doors of the Congress . That according to them Obama  allowed them access to funds no other president had and they know that the next administration will expose that fraud. 

They claim that they used voice hearing as a way to threaten certain law makers and named justice Scalia amongst them. I Googled his name and found an intetesting article that claimed that liberals in office tried hard to persuade the Supreme Court to bypass the constitution of the United states by simply aasserting  that the constitution was not well defined in detail as to its intent…….hat the Supreme Court can choose to deliberately assign it’s own meaning when and where it wants……aad that was not met well by the Supreme Court.

Israel feels that it made a series of poor choices throughout history and that it cannot back away from them at this point. that Israel is fighting for its very life . …….hat telling the truth at this point is no better or worst than telling lies.