Timelines Versus One Time Procurements….

AA i..ay in the dark last night I had to get up several times and take notes for today’s blog. israel was declaring it’s manner of attain8ng power and control. they were describing the factors that set them apart from other white races.

They felt that advanced technology allowed them to for cast in such a manner in which they could plan to reap a crop at a specific time in the future…..his is not a food production crop per say but any opportunity that they felt was if intetest to them. they could sit back and allow another group to put in the hard work and then ender mine them at the right point for the benefits.

They talked about my may dissertations regarding the value and connection between the truth and a timeline. that the other white races sense a direct connection between the two. that we prefer to organize systems…..ayout foundations and support mechanism and build in checks and balances to fortify it’s future……Israel does not. Israel is a parasitic organism who’s entire history is tied to slavery of some group and then widespread pandemics to eease the signs of its wrongdoings.

This manner of control can be seen in South Africa where Jews use black labor to mine for diamonfs…his infact demonstrates their political doctrine better than any other visual. those mines have become desolate holes on the face of this planet…….ddigging for dollars in the United states has done the same. they want our money and us for labor but we mean nothing to them in the long run or short run….iis all about gain.