The Value of Money….

Monly is a token of exchange for goods and services……his is my cheap evaluation.

Acording to Heaven…..hat is Jupiter…..dvanced societies do not use money……aper money draws filth, prostitution, drugs, extortion and crime. money is not a requirement but an acquired taste……t means that lufe can go on….nd will go on without its introduction and circulation.

On Jupiter a country is divided into districts……n which people live, wirk and play……our life is subsidized and you share in the profits of your district. hI man’s are not labeled by salaries and humans are not charged utilities and food because it is a requirement for life . 

In actuality money was created to destroy because slowly big brother could figure out who made it and who did not. the more money you make the greater the taxes you pay. what Americans did not know is that Jews . ….hat is Israel managed and controlled taxation…..our money is someone’s penthouse in Tel Aviv. 

According to them this evening money has its benefits….iI is an equalizer of humans. whether you went to Harvard to earn it ir or if you sold Heroin on the streets……ts still money…iis good and it’s tender. the Jews were able to buy in America their access to places that they had not earned legally with miney…..llions and trillions from Israel, South Africa, ROdessa. . ….his is why Israel has many headquarters….hey are able to shuffle and shuttle the money in large enough quantities to make it matter. unfortunately for you an I… is always someone willing to take that money and they have and they will. iIsrael understands that a young country called America has gone through a period of transformation and will one day emerge wiser so that the structure of the system does not allow for this to happen over and over . 

They admitted tonight that Jewish lawyers fill the lower ranks of the American..egal system where poor people are charged horrific hourly rates……hey are nothing but legal vulchers feeding on humans….i..ave my own Jewish lawyer story. the higher end of the legal system is a different rank and file that is aware of what has happened here. there was a period in the 1980s when this nation began to prosper that suing anyone and everyone became a way of life……nnow the lawyers are wearing the same suits they wore back then, their shoes are torn and they cannot afford luxury cars. the legal trade became an ends to its self and withered.

The lesson is that money is a dangerous thing…….iI is not required……….es it does grow on trees…….oOlympic because it is made of paper.