The Third Person….

When describing mind control you are entering a different kind of room. I am sitting on my couch writing this as the voices speak around me. In a normal world voices emerge from humans….ones that you know….ones that you select and love. Very rarely do we speak to.people when we don’t want to. I speak and listen to voices against my will. When the saga began the voice was one personality….now it has been multiple voices for several years. The voices pick different walls and you can sense them as they come and go. They don’t use their names but they are all familiar to me over many years by their voices and personalities….they are Indians and Jews who work in shifts or drop in to supervise the situation. The Jews are the supervisors and the Indians are the paid workers. I am the subject being studied but the Jews chastise and study the workers and their productivity trying to set them against me because I basically shun them and over ride them. However the Jew cannot choose anyone for this job…..they are limited to what they have and that group has been used since the dawn of mankind. They are slaves of Israel in ways that the world cannot yet conceive.

The job of the crew is to keep me on the edge….inform the Jew if everything I do and attempt to feed into my fears so I fail. They have turned this form of human torture into a deadly game with points being awarded to the workers and myself so they can feel bafmd, ugly, afraid and work harder to demean me.

Of course this process uses a machine and that machine has been programmed. The machine was not created to disable and damage humans so over centuries protocol has been developed to over ride the machine. The machine is called the machine if God because it seeks the truth and it takes away parameters when they are used poorly. The machine is an android brain that thinks and senses and comes to conclusions about just about anything. 

Israel uses the machine secretly….they listen and capture footage if human experiences in 5 dimensions and archive them for tabulation, study and proliferation if any group, organization or individual that they wish to damage or remove.i have discussed details about arc technology in hundreds of pists….tonight we are going to discuss the third person method….

In every abusive voice hearing situation there are three parties…

…..Israel as the owner of the machine, the end user and beneficiary if all derived information.

…..India is the resource being used as the glove ir the hand which allows Israel to distance itself from a horrific crime against humanity. They boast that they kill people slowly, cruelty and in ways that defy explanation. Because they have set themselves up as the ruling organization behind the scenes of all things in this world……the machine and it’s use has been unnoticed…..the victims are discounted as nothing more than lunatics…outcasts….mentally ill people that are the lower wrung of society. Their claims are ignored because none of them to date have done what I have. Write 10,000 pages describing the details of an event that effects all humans….damaging 10 percent viciously.

Israel has created the three person condition. In this manner two groups of people vying for power on these shores india and Israel pick humans one by one and insert them into a machine that processes thought patterns. The machines being used belonged to us and contain our traces…using us like a key to open a lock. Most of you know a little something about American history or so you think. The history that was taught to you was condensed and put together by Israel to reflect their ideology and point heads away from reality. Columbus did not discover these shores….the Jews were here fist….Google the word pilgrim and surprise yourself with the definition. The Jews wiped out 500 tribes if indigenous American indians….they killed an entire civilization that once existed in these shores. But there is yet another piece to this puzzle that even I did not know unrmtil recently. They brought large numbers if Indians from India as slaves….they brought africans from South Africa as slaves…Haiti and Trinidad were both off shore slave colonies. The Indians worked in plantations in the southern part if the United states…..I Googled yesterday and was quiet surprised that the faces were not Asia tic indians but eastern indians.

Israel and India both had arc technology…the Jews like other white races are genetically prone to use reading and writing as tools and they facilitate their arc usage in ways that empower that ability. The Indians however were very diffetent….they were poor…reading and writing was not common and story telling and oral skills were. They used the arc totally diffetently….they used noises and emotional stimulation. It appears that ultimately the Jews lost control of slavery on these shores and it was outlawed. The joint effort between Jews and indians became something vastly different than it was before.

You are all aware if the term…The Bible Belt….your assumption is that it is purely demographics…incorrect. the Jews and the Indians literally divided this country between themselves….the north belonged to the Jews and the South was managed by India.  The Jews were adept at creating systems and we’re driven by economics…..India even today is a land steeped in religion and their mind control machines prefer that end of the spectrum. America has always been a duality torn between those who prefer commerce and those who put God fist.

India failed to thrive in the areas it controlled and poverty became a way in the southern hemisphere as it has in India. The white races were subject to a machine that favored certain themes and ushered humans in those directions. In recent years india has moved north of its designation and been a challenge to the opposition. Another factoid for America is that Jews once lived in India but pulled iut…. they have a live hate relationship with these bizarre people who they have considered friends for 500,000. 

Israel and india have led joint efforts to dismantle the political dominance if white races on this planet. The western allies had no idea that including israel amidst them would bring the world into yet another war. Up until now israel thought that it could contain India and it’s ambitions…  after all Jewish life is about dominance and human slavery. They brought indians into this country by droves illegally and with fake identifications, hoping to reinstate with them the same type of relationships they had had with africans.

I have been the third person for 7 years…at first they fed me to India as a person of intetest who’s family was an enemy if israel.they wanted India to consume me alive….by screaming at me and belittling me and killing me eventually if they could. I was a symbolic gesture…..the American population has been used in the same way….you call it schizophrenia.

Israel had observed me and my family since our arrival here in 1979….they deduced that I was nothing more than just a silly white woman….with no skills or understanding for them to feel that killing me would result in any reprecussions….they knew by iris identification that I was Mary Magdalena. They were so pleased with their own superiority that they even gave me clues and watched as I unraveled history….they never guessed that I could and would turn the tables on them.

I was the mouse they fed to the cat to please it and lure ut….I educated the cat in such a way that Israel recoiled in fear that all control over India was list. On some level I was even able to build a line of understanding with them….not friendship but an ability to be politically incorrect by helping them assimilate another view of their own circumstances. India used me as their third person….israel had always paid them through a secret fund for any information gathered that could be of use. The information is fed to the arc as spoken and thought patterns… the arc assesses the truth and pays them money into an acciunt….israel the arc changes its mind later through further material submitted funds can be withdrawn. 

What israel did not know is that India had perfected a system over decades of practicing the art of kying….they had learned how to do the impissible…override a machine that was considered the machine if God because it upheld the truth.

Israel used me as a pawn not knowing that India was trying to use me as their human shield oat the same time. I fed one if them to the other.  I documented my journey on a website and I posted my blogs on facebook to my friends list and to the FBI and homeland security. They obviously know this because I too am logged into the arc….all my activities including eating, drinking,vs keeping and shifting are a matter of public record. 

What they did not know when they sought me out is that I am one of the original creators of this machine….I am an original key holder. The android brain is mine. They used the machine to rape the world….when I return to this plain and reincarnate then the machine turns it’s gaze in my direction. They thought they found an enemy to abuse….what they found was that they were entrapped by the machine and identified. Heaven …known as Jupiter uses its technology to collect the data. Israel and india used this device as a for casting machine to commit crimes by defining their ideas as future deluveries….crime can be laid out as a series of mathematical equations that councide…..the machine too can deliver it’s own retribution ….it allowed the idiots to play their games as their values were collected. The machine is now doing its optimum to protect this country against two others that want to control it’s destiny.