The Rebuilding of the United States…..

EEverything requires a remodel periodically…….o does the constitution of the United States. the age of technology has put change in over drive until everyone has become confused as to which direction they want to travel…..nto the remote past or the uncertain future.

The future is really a decision….a mental commitment to an idea that works……ts very simple to envision but those who fashioned greed and money prefer that we turn in circles endlessly. i was shocked when Israel said that happiness was not productive that pushing people around in a state of madness fuels something that they appear to understand.

Regardless of how you look at it a period change is required and if you can hear the silence outside……he sound of fear…..ou know that it’s coming. AMerida has stood for unity amongst the world leaders and we are now sensing that with enough racial diversity that once again America might experience internal turmoil and division. somega call it a civil war.

AMerida is a country of changing perspectives, of those who have been here for generations, those who are new to these lands and those who are here illegally. eachieve group has their own idea of what America means and where they want it to go.

Countries are like pastry with lots of flakes layers that might give way. in 1979 Iran fell in a revolution into a backwards sleep from which it has not yet awoken. poor people, iliterate people and illegal people……lements of society we prefer to see as powerless and devoid of action. America has……300 million guns sitting in its closets waiting for a cause. We have a bit of the cowboy western mentality that we will figure it out as it happens, when it happens. we love to live and spend but we rarely plan for setbacks. this country has grown too big and has not congealed it’s ideas of management. we believe that our doctrine of constitution reflects democracy and freedom but really we let the enemy in through the back door and we gave them the keys long ago.

The progression of events in the last 2 decades lack fluidity……wwe hit speed bumps more than we move smoothly. when an election results in fear then you notice that we are not the leaders that we think we are. some of us are out there looking for deer to hunt while others are using technology to undo everything everyone else has done. the nation’s Capitol should be in the grandeCanyon where the disparity of altitude reflects the mentality of prosperity.

Ithe may not be broke but it’s pretty close to it. can you patch something with lots of holes…….ometimes it’s easier to start afresh. we are a nation of paper pushers…..w makers and discussions in the halls of Congress. when 33 million people don’t have insurance and that number is problem several million off. we keep describing ourselves with numbers……hat we have and what we don’t have. hUMass are not numbers and we don’t perceive ourselves that way and this countries problems won’t be solved by pushing numbers around. an advanced society does not require money and subject people to numbets….bBTW we have. when you are forced to see yourself as a number then you are forced to figure out how you compare to others and then the bottom falls out.

AMexicans have been taught to see themselves as the biggest and the best…. could not understand that viewpoint when I first came here. we are a country, a lusing organism with internal pressures that reflect outwards on other countries. infact we are lucky that we sit on a continent that is an island of sorts….iI limits our exposure to many elements. it does not occured to Americans that there are countries like Israel who have fallen behind and backwards because they failed to recognize this exchange between two living organisms. Cour tries that have decided to institute an internal takeover of some else’s country..Yes this one.