The Reality Behind Fayoum…..

Fayoum is an ancient city outside of Cairo some 2000 years ago it was a Riviera of sorts complete with great architecture and citizens of great importance.  In all my years of living in Egypt I had never heard the name or even visited the area. I found Fayoum on the Internet a few years ago searching for clues that might determine if reincarnation was real. I was looking for Roman archeology when I stumbled on Fayoum because it is a Greco-Roman Roman site.

If you Google the words…Fayoum portraits…you will pull up in one wad about 180 paintings dating to that period, some are good, some are great and some are OK in their artistic rendition. According to archeologists these are funerary paintings and not even real in their portrayal.  One recent author who published a book claimed that the paintings are nothing more than prototypes that were fastened to coffins during that time. I rolled my eyes and tried to imagine why anyone would want a fake painting of their mother glued to a sarcophagus. Can you imagine crying over your dead mither….a salesperson then shows you a binder with paintings and says….this one looks closest to your fat dead mother.

Anyhow as I looked at the paintings I got that strange feeling that these faces looked familiar and soon enough that led to some revelations, then I found myself, my mother, my father and others that I knew. I uncovered over 600 of these so called fayoum portraits in museums and private collections all over the world. I identified all of them….all of them…

Yesterday we resisted the idea of why one town would yield a group of humans who would all one day blossom in the public eye. What are the mathematics and probability of such an event. Then I realized that these people had something with them of great importance…..they had the use of arc technology. They were all iris scanned and part of a community and they programmed this machine to locate them again and again in the future to ensure that the truth was not lost….to being them into prominence so they could preserve the heritage of Jupiter. The math shows is that Fayoum was a special place, home to special people and that once again we are about to come forth.  Since I am a member of fayoum and many of you on this page also have your share of portraits we are all a large social group who have Egypt on our map both past and present.