The People of the Fall….

I posted a biblical saying not to long ago that called Jews the people of the fall. To me a victim of voice hearing it was plain as day while ambiguous to others. To the world the events of the day are simply the events of the day…..Jews plan, for cast, contemplate and use technology to create desired effects.

Just minutes ago he was screaming at me and trying to morally uplift his indians friends who seem to falter from moment to moment fearing for their lives that they are expendable and only being used to mop the planet so Jews can be happy. 

He was doing his Jewish chorale about how you degrade and destroy white races….to destroy the enemy effectively you allow it to reach a pinnacle before you pull the plug. The decades if economic growth were allowed by them so once again they could see how Romans live. 

They talked about Hillary….she knows she is losing the race…..we can rig the numbers any way we want. She has noticed in recent weeks in Congress that Jews are standing taller and congratulating her.

They described eaves dropping on her conversations with Bill Clinton. She voiced her concern but he felt that Jews must be like us….doing what everyone else does. She is not too sure. This whole business of being the first woman elected to office in the United States has turned into something else…..even she feels that there is a catch to it all.

History shows us that as soon as the world blossoms in any direction…Israel shows up with its counter measures. As for you the reader you can choose to think about what is written here or live your life……sometimes being not knowing may be the best medicine. The universe favors certain attributes that Israel has failed to exibit.

Here is an intetesting comment from India just now…..they are fully aware that as they are tabulated India with half of the population of this planet and only one out of 165 countries represents doom on earth. At this stage in the game India cannot be saved……they fear facing the western forces in combat in a close confrontation because they don’t want to suffer the effects of nuclear warheads. Indias plan is to destroy the west from the inside while it has a chance to do so. They are here now on the east coast planning this event with Israel to coincide with the election date.