The Number Three….

Tonight is yet another boring segment of blood draining bullshit called a debate. If you were not revolted by the previous two and did not get a chance to fulfil your desire you have yet another opportunity. I did not have the nerve to watch any to from start to finish what little I caught online was enough to repellent me.

The debates are brought to you by Israel the Jewish home of reality television. If you like greasy tabloids and the Kardashian show this one fits somewhere imbetween. While you are watching a machine is weighing the pros and cons of human reaction somewhere in Maryland. A machine that can seek words and emotions and decide what they are related too. Some fat Jew sits at the far end with a cigar……trying to figure out in which direction American politics is heading and if he needs to call Israel on the red telephone. 

Israel does its own random polling by scanning humanity and inserting it’s views while you are thinking about a topic. They already know that Hillary is a big flop that gets bigger each day….the other is holding steady and growing. 

The Hillary voters are Bill’s former friends and allies…..women who seem to think all vaginas should gather together and minorities who think a woman is less likely to use a bow and an arrow. Hillary herself is like a spam sandwich…not very appetizing. She brings with her old laundry from the days in office which will pop up no sooner than she is in office. She is not very warm or effectionate and noone has told her yet that eye contact is made by looking forward.

Trump is a big boy…..and we’ll he has said and done his share of big boy things in public spaces….that really don’t weigh in on anything because his personal portfolio of achievement is expansive. Yes get has made money and he has lost money on substantial ventures however he has an ability that is uniquely his…..he is capable of realigning himself again and again to find the path of success.

Three is a crucial number it is the lowest mathematical component from which you can derive an average ratio. Tonight is a performance for fools.. the truth can be found in other places. The nation has stopped doing business in the past 30 days nothing has moved in either direction other than food and water. According to Israel the nation is sensing something larger and scarier than just an election….they sense a war…..and yes they are correct.

There is no longer room on this planet for ongoing violence….we are all tired of fighting to maintain our financial stability while israel socks it dry. 3 billion people will be removed from this planet..  leaving 4 species that can, that have and will get along. 

Three is a conclusive number in so many ways as it has been in this room where 3 parties have gathered under bad ospices for 7 years. 3 is Indias special number…3 us my number. . The number if stability and conclusion….and it might be Israel’s too….they have 3 home bases on this pmanet… New York. . Israel…and don’t South Africa . 

The final conclusion is that America has made a wide right turn and is about to make major life changing decisions that are far over do. Israel derailed the United states in the October of 1964 by killing Kennedy………UT appears that time and space are about to collide in resisting something they wanted to avert.