The Morning After……

Well justice prevailed on these lands last night. for seven years I got an inside look as to how the inner sanctum works as run by israel. it became clear that the everyday world of the people and the inner mechanism of the machine that runs this country are two diffetent things.

Israel tried to blindfold people but even then the pain and and agony if growing poverty and no job opportunities pushed people towards demanding change. it proves the point that the truth is self evident even when you dress up lies and contempt . 

Those who attempt to usurp authority and implant lies are relegated to several locations within the system…..Media and finance and legal services……these three are combined to wash each other away. last night the Downtown fell dramatically as the liars aimed to restructure their portfolios before they are caught. someone needs to make a list if everyone who bailed out last night for future investigations into stock market fraud.

Someday America will thank Donald for telling them the truth no matter how difficult it may be. when you know the truth you can plan your future…..without the trurh you blow around inside someone else’s snowglobe.