The Machine that delivers the Truth…

The Jews and Indians call it …The Machine of God….the arc of the covenant is a name most of you know it by. It’s a super computer modified for space travel and Colonization. It can extract human thought patterns out of the air….you are a low voltage creature who’s thoughts bind to electricity and therefore can be pulled from the atmosphere around you. 

Have you ever stood outside on a nice sunny day but it had just the opposite feeling….go outside and sense your world….that is exactly what you are doing….you are smelling the emotions in the air as a trace element.

This machine allows you to take archives and play with them to understand what the future for cast for your world may hold. You can add into it your thoughts or the thoughts if others and it will run its own analysis by sensing the humans who participated by assessing lies, truths, word and speech patterns to devise an answer that can be construed as the truth or a shade or sliver away from the truth. It was called the machine if God because it was based around absolute logic.

India and Israel two countries a stones throw away from being separated from humanity discovered that finding the truth so they could be the power and take control is far harder than it appears.they fed the machine with words and then got outraged at the response of the machine….they got outraged at the people who’s words they stole to create the data base. They never once understood that their own avarice stood in the way……the machine was created for the betterment if mankind…not fascist control which they were plotting. They wanted money and power….not the best for each human…the machine opposed that view and gave them answers they did not want.

Israel then hired India….they trained people using the machine to find out how to lie to the machine and be undetected. They spent centuries trying to bend the words to enact their own brand of justice.  The machine can forecast but it can also cast outwards ideas to lead people to a destination predetermined by the user.

Our world is now a mess as humans are caught daily in the act of confrontation and anger and poor decision making. Israel turned humans against humans but discoveted that the humans were able to sense the intention of the program after a while and rise above it.

The other thing Israel failed to recognize is that human speech is a denomination all of its own. Words are not just primordial grunts but a well calculated and understood formula that can be sought by those with technology in the universe and tabulated to determine where trouble lutmrks and how humans in the process if planet building sense their own future. Israel took away the truth if reincarnation and life after death yet they are astonished at how humans prevail in their search for answers and how the universe uses communication beyond your understanding to encourage you to prevail against injustice from others who wish to pry this planet away from you. Your creator gave you a special voice that cannot be duplicated….the universe can seek every human by those algorithms placed within them. Your Word is your value…literally. punishment will be levied against anyone taking your intellectual abilities to sell and flaunt as their own. The universe has a score board….israel, india and Mexico….failed every test to abide by human rights and allow people to live their lives.