The Latest Trump Aligations….

We are 30 days away from one if the most crude and deplorable American elections ever. Literally events surrounding this election have been biblical. Israel paid India to create a hurricane that had to be shut down manually. They felt that they could both make money and push Americans towards the Clinton vote.  According to them a major catastrophe with heavy loss of human life would have brought out the feminine nature within us thus making Hillary a more acceptable choice. If that doesn’t scare you maybe it should.

The news agencies themselves have become wolves in the business of furthering their own point if view….whatever happened to unbiased reporting so the viewership can decide the course of action. CNN and Fox News are the new pimps.

In the past 48 hours we have the introduction of new Aligations based on old material hidden away for just this moment. The committee that oversees elections must request all material be given to them with a course if action depending on its validity and relationship to the election process. But the Trump tapes were handed out no differently than celebrity sex tapes….it’s all about challenging last minute voters rather than questioning morality. The tapes themselves as acquired and as shown to the public are an ethical issue themselves….let alone what has followed their disclosure. Trump has a right to justice….his privacy has been invaded….Noone has a right to use his initial reaction as a way to doom his candidacy.

While we are at this discussion Hillary has plenty of issues standing in her way. Frankly her candidacy is illegal by constitution. Bill ran twice and won….how do we determine which one of them is running for office and will influence policy. Her personal assistant who influences her agenda is a woman who’s husband has committed sex offences three times….the last of which enrolled their toddler as a partner. If that doesn’t make you question her lack of nurturing abilities and feminine content then you need to question how things are fed to us in this country and who does the feeding and how it’s done. 

The Jews did not want either candidate their failed to make a mark….they want Hillary as an option because they have unreleased material about Bill….they want her to win so they can either black mail them or release the material to stifle 4 years for Americans.