The Case of Ross Hamilton….

Ross has been on my facebook page for several years, on occasion he has remarked about all the stuff that I have loaded up. He is a prominent archeologist following his own path of intetest as am I. Recently that path collided. I have been identifying people for my reincarnation book, which is really one book out of eleven books all dealing with a complex topic of the origins of humans on this planet and the racial differences 703-224-2150. have culminated. Of course space travel means technology and technology is what we brought here and that technology has been a disaster ever since keeping this planet from moving forward as a cohesive group. 

Israel has held the world back by using technology to commit crimes against humanity through the our timeline here. To show people how that works I have to pull all the threads into view so they can see the real truth.

Ross has been identified as three well known humans who have changed the course of history…Aristotle…Homer…and Moses. Ross is part of a large group of historians and archeologists that have tried to unravel the human mystery not knowing that as a group they once taught humans values and ideas for living….now we are all here like scavengers trying to find those broken pieces as Israel laughs. 

I posted some material on Ross’s page last night and he sent me a note this morning saying I cannot be Aristotle because I was his contemporary….I laid in bed trying to figure out what the heck that meant. Suddenly I realized that he too had been subjected to mind games using arc technology ….using a category called conjecture. Conjecture is an archive file if material collected in real time long ago…speech patterns….conversations….Iris identification….written samples….voice identification….irisdeology and family background. The computer can then search all of the human population to same possibilities based on Conjecture. Israel told me that there were one million possibilities that matched the physical Moses…..but then they determined that based on the details only a handful met that criteria. Every single philosopher was a writer……that means that in this life certain attributes follow through….these attributes never lose themselves….they define who we are and always will be.

Ross has no idea what mind control is or how it works and that he has been tracked for decades and subjected to query to determine if Israel’s Conjecture stands up to the truth. When he realizes the extent and powers if this machine he will realize that he too has been violated and his rights have been violated. That Israel has killed many if those it has tracked to keep them from rising to power again.

Ross has been working on Serpent mound in Ohio for some time. Israel seems to find this amusing that he is stuck on serpent mound not understanding it’s connection to some ancient doctrine.  It’s not so much as ancient races in North America as it is something beyond that far more distant in his own past and history.