The Birth of a Nation….

According to history America is a country with a constitution and bylaws. It appears that even countries need to revamp and restyle their look and understanding to stay in tune with their constituency. This election process has turned into a painful rebirth of a nation that had no clue that in less than 2 decades it would fall from grace.

The past few weeks has brought business to its knees. A simple election has created doubt and fears for everyone. In the wake of November’s date Noone is moving or breathing in anticipation. In reality neither candidate can make an aggressive changes without the agreement of Congress but the public perceives a threat as if their very lives are on the line. The month of October has been a total economic loss that will dig this country into a massive hole even before the winner takes possession of the goods.

The other bitter lesson is the power of the word as implied by the press. We all wake up and pick up our smart phones before we set foot out of bed. In recent months the headlines and the for casts have bit a piece out if our lives. As the months have progressed things have ramped up into a war of words. Suddenly you realize that the press believes that not only does it have a stake in how things are presented but it has become fully arrogant as if it is reshaping this country and public opinion for another group…..another group who is fighting for their political life. That group is Israel….they placed Obama in office and ultimately felt that as a Jew he failed to deliver…he and his public saw him more as a black man than a jew. Israel was hoping that Obama would give them more money….but he did not. In the wake of Obama living office they know that Trump is a Catholic conservative that will not support israel with American tax payer money. Israel is in trouble all over the world and especially at home in Israel. They failed to consolidate their issues with Palastine and now the graveyard called Israel has extended the boundaries of its death zone to Syria.

For several decades the Jews in this country literally dipped their fingers into the money at will…..very few realize that the IRS was created by them and not the American government. The extent of the crimes of Israel are too large to enumerate but it’s fair to say that they have formed the inescapable bars if their future prison. 

Hillary is their last hope…..they tested her from a distance using arc technology to see how amicable she would be to their suggestions. They view her not as a potential builder and trend setter who can reform and reshape America….she is nothing more than an ambitious paper pusher. She does not resonate with anyone with any degree of passion….they know that she is an upper class white who only understands and has intetest in her own limited social group. 

Anyhow the press and the publishing mediums have traditionally been Jewish dominated for the sole purpose of controlling any type of subversive literature that might enter the mainstream about their poor dealings. Basically everything they master is done as a roadblock to society to contain their own disastrous behavior.

Everyone is concentrating on Donald Trump’s short comings as he too struggles to u derstanding how a democratic society can turn a simple process into a demeaning sleazy damaging image shattering thing for America. We are all embarrassed just watching the press create headlines that say more about a lack of control and content on their end. You can literally read the headlines before they are written.

America is about to be born again…this time stronger, better, more capable of understanding it allies and enemies. Another war will follow….maybe the last and greatest war this planet has ever seen. Someday the children of the future will realize the price paid by those who paved the way. Political correctness is suicide……we are not a democratic society and neither are we free….currently we are a franchise of a dying ideology run by Israel.