The Arc is a Living Binding Agreement Between Jupiter and Earth

I have written at length about arc technology better known as …The Arc if the Covenent….over and over again. a space age technology used for space exploration and Colonization. that sending humans to another location requires special tools to preserve and archive history so they can remember and instill their values a pin arrival and continue to enforce those values between lifetimes. that the arc is a computer with unusual abilities that can recreate and manifest it’s own ideas through time…..that it can impart skills to the novice and even be a tool of war.

Society is made up of overlapping and interlocking social groups that look like hexogons……those units who came to earth were given their own machines to manage their groups until society flourished. the groups were in a living and binding agreement with those who allowed this Colonization to occur. you can call these decision makers GOD if you wish……that means that they too were granted statutes to govern and control a government and it’s ideology. the arc was a tool programmed to return and respond it’s collective data to home-base…..that is Jupiter. the machine could not be usurped and over written….it stayed online even though it was taken by the enemy who used it with deadly intent and ore isian against innocent people. the machine tabulated and gathered data so it could better understand why these events had occured and to bring justice against those who committed these acts. 

The arc therefore is a living contract because as long as it is online and broadcasting it interacts with all living creatures in imparting understanding and collecting understanding to create a better future space program. Israel took machines that did not belong to it and ran it in opposition to the original plan to safeguard human life on this planet. to teach israel a lesson it would not forget the program shifted so they would become a victim of their own ignorance, stupidity and malice towards others. no matter how they laid others to waste their desire to rule and control others damaged them as the world sensed their agenda. we are literally approaching what israel refers to as the ….End if Days…a time if tribulation on earth when the hidden trurh shall be given back to the people.

For the few of you paying attention on facebook I have spent months showing you the truth in many ways. I was the person trusted with bringing the truth forth incase the opposition hid it. Donald Trump too is a protector of freedom…..the bullshit flying around right now is Israel’s last dance.