The Ancient Egyptian Symbol of the Djed….

Today has been a new round of surprises and revelation regarding ancient Egypt with the discovery that 5000 years ago Egyptians golfer using equipment identical to ours made of metal alloys. Several statues show well known individuals holding gold clubs as if they are winners of a trophy. The candor of the statues also shows them in something less than formal pharonic wear.

The second part of today’s surprise I’d finding yet more statues showing the owners holding golf clubs as well as the ancient symbol of the Djed. Noone knows what this thing happens to be other than the fact that it has a pillar like stature. I always thought it implied a smaller version of something much larger. Today I Googled Djed and found a drawing that shows the symbol with several strikes of primary colors…I even found frescos that showed people outdoors putting this object in its place. It appears that the Djed was some type of portable scoring method painted with bright colors visible from a distance so the players could see an visualise the distance to the next hole to be played. The top of the Djed shows two things that look like large feathers or palm leaves…..from a distance they would tell a player if the breeze was too strong and the direction of the wind.