Taking Turns against Humanity….

How high is your political acumen. What is politics. How does politics vary from country to country. If you understand a group of people through time historically then maybe you will stand a better chance of understanding their politics. Politics is a stance…..it is a formal declaration of ideology held by a group of people and how they intend to confront instigation by outsiders. America like it’s people is rather direct in its approach….in face time. If they have something to say it will be said with out too many frills. If they fear your intentions then they will sit back quietly without a word and observe until which time they have a reason to speak.

Politics is a mindset which is derived from perceptions…..millions of years of personal accumulated knowledge and speech patterns which will tell you how a country has historically spoken it’s mind. 

Most countries have allies or similar countries with racial demographics that reflect similar opinions. We surround ourselves with our allies to reinforce our beliefs and expand our size and girth to influence our enemies to retract or keep them in place.so racial components always influence allies and allies are usually geographically close to one another.

Now we are going to address political systems that are not easily understood. Israel and India have a bond which stands thousands of years….a mutual bond of bandage or servitude by one nation that does not have the ability to compete in the world becoming a parasitic host for the other. Israel and india have both peddled religion for the purposes of control and financial gain. They both use ultra sensory equipment called arc technology peeping in every place humans dwell. They have a joint agreement on creating a duality that takes turns to serve the other when one becomes too transparent in the eyes of the world. What does that mean?

Israel was once the ally of the Western nations and led them falsely into wars that depleted this nation both morally and financially. They still recieved funds from this country but have gently been pushed aside until further notice. When Israel lost its clout and feared for its autonomy it dialed up India for assistance.

India then created ISIS and became a foe so that Israel could run around and become a victim……pulling the world view and attention from itself. The Holocaust was another such event and history is littered with them. Israel u Der mines others as india becomes the poor illiterate sidekick.