Searching for Ebola….

Everything in our world has become a trifle confusing and complicated. A deadly disease that appears on occasion seems to disappear from view completely and then reappears when Noone expects it to. Our universe is a logical universe of cause and effect. We are a large self contained habitat with many types of life forms which all have a connection somewhere in the big Planogram.  Nothing enters or leaves this habitat without leaving a calling card. 

Bacteria or little known living organisms that might cause a mass death have a life cycle of their own however different it may be from ours. All life cycles have a repeated pattern of life and death and growth and change…UT cannot be avoided.

Organisms have preferences that we might call weather or environmental changes that favor their existence. Ebola has to fit somewhere in this structure it cannot come and go without a residue. Even if Ebola is being introduced by an unaware passerby it has to board it’s host somewhere…..that creates a location and a timeline. 

If a Ebola is not a natural elements and does not fit the cycle of environment and location… has to be something introduced by man. Our world of technology involves transportation and manufacturing of food products and pharmaceuticals. Food poisoning has its own forensic footprint pattern. 

So what is Ebola? Well it has something in common with events recorded in the past which are being investigated to understand pandemics and plagues. In 1349 , 75 million people died in Austria…there was no mass transportation, or food production. In 1914 , 50 million died in the United States….they called it the Spanish flu.

How do you track down an unknown organism or cause of pandemics when you have no clue what you are looking for. When is something a real symptom or a secondary symptom. Here is an example to help you understand. Imagine you fall down a huge flight if steps and bruise and cut yourself, tear ligaments and fracture bones. You go visit your local health care provider and refuse to tell them anything other than ….I woke up in this condition. What will they say to you. Will they send you home calling you a liar….or will they diagnose you inspite of information that does not fit the pattern of the injury. In our world there is a tendency to pass judgement and diagnose events even if we don’t really hold the answers….sometimes it’s done to pacify the people and sometimes it’s duplicity.

Ebola is caused by frequency….it is totally man made. Frequency can be called noise contamination….but noise does not mean that the human ears can perceive it. Frequency can be tailored for certain creatures and not others. One similarity between Ebola and the plague is that certain domesticated animals such as dogs and horses have suffered and died. This does not imply that contact passed anything on other than the fact that these are animals with similar brains and functions….their brainwaves are human compatible.

So how can humans produce noise or frequency in an area large enough to cause mass deaths. Arc technology is also a weapon of war… can use electricity found in nature to create a flow of electrons that effect human biological functions. By introducing electricity and ir changing its level of voltage it can kill humans either instantly ir kill them slowly as they baste in their own bodies. One of the symptoms of the great plague was swollen lymph nodes…….inability to retain bodily fluids or your Bowles. In fact cholera is very similar to Ebola….it’s probably a lower frequency. 

Israel and india have used these machines for centuries. Ebola is probably a handing work of India……the Indian population of West Africa is very high and they want to increase their numbers because Africa has resources and they blend racially mire easily in Africa than they do in white nations. 

Why has Ebola made several appearances in the last decade…..because it’s their attempt to make it seem like a natural causitive…..everyone few small episodes will one day lead to a giant episode and everyone will look bored and say ….well I guess it made a comeback deadlier than ever. Ebola in a poor west African nation will not raise eyebrows in the west.