Removing Redmeat and Protein from Food for Better Control of Humans….

JJust as the United States has changed so have all the products and services being sold to humans. a walk into a large grocery store is simply not what it used to be. the salad bars are none existant……he deli department that was large and elaborate is now a few items placed under poor lighting and not fresh at all. the butcher inside the store that provided fresh cuts of meat upon request…iI a thing of the past. the smells inside the grocery store are all about floor clears and the detergent Isle. McDonald’s is struggling to stay alive when the foods it provides are made from soy byproducts and things that are pasted and glued to one another to resemble meat and chicken. 

The cost of food tells you the story of the future of Amreoca……hat was once a 75 dollar trip to fill my refrigerator turned into 350 dollars for two people every two weeks. One cut of meat is approximately 10 dollars..s much food as Americans throw away I have never understood the cost of food. last night the voices discussed this very issue.

The goal of Jews in America is to remove Redeat from the menu……ts all about profits and political control. a chicken is easy to raise……t requires little room….he feed is pennies and it matures quickly to end up on a supermarket shelf. this makes chicken profitable…..ower priced and it sells rapidly. 

A cow takes years to mature…..rrequires medical care and vaccination….iI needs pastures to roam and humans to look after it. The cost of red meat reflects all that is required to get it to the supermarket……nd once there it does not sell quickly and goes rancid on the shelf. 

I have noticed that even the fruit and vegetable Isle reflects boredom…..ts the basic stuff and each day there are more things in boxes and jars. isteel did make the comment that the human brain functions better on protein and that humans fed on starch and sugary foods are easier to control and manipulate. imarine a political system so well thought out that even food content is reduced to nothing. mIndia control relies on stress and anger……en your brain is on over drive the program can connect to it….ccom and happiness are not the things that make for good human manipulation. the changes you see around you don’t necessarily reflect the progression of events but a desire to maneuver humans into an understanding.