Power Versus the Perception of Power….

Today we are going to look at a slice of world history and it might be a far cry from what you were taught but it is closer to the trurh than not. this is the history of the audited States and it defines where we stand at this very moment in history and it tells us how the next few months will reveal themselves. 

The last few weeks have sent this country into a mode of hibernation and inner contemplation. every one is sensing a departure from the usual and a desire to pull something away from themselves that has stagnated their way of life in this country. it does not matter if you are rich or poor we have all felt that change has torn America in the past two decades. a period of rapid growth has been replaced by one of rapid decline, literally every standard has been lowered to an all time low. none quite understands how we got here but it’s clear that none of us can afford for it to continue. 

What the people are sold continually from the beaurocracy is that these upheavals are part if the norm and will correct themselves with time. that life on this planet is like a lump of clay going through endless transitions. changer is fine if and when you are able to account for what is happening……hete must always be a reason…. timeline for the events…..oone can tell you that you need to live with circumstances beyond your control. hI man’s control their personal lives and our habitat is no diffetent.

This is the story of the land that became America. the first white settlers here were Jews…..hey came here before Chrisrmtopher Columbus set foot on these shores. they had their own ideas about what these lands would oneday become. they brought Africans and Indians to Haiti and  Trinidad  as hub for slavery. those they brought over may not have known the true intentions for the trip. they describe the early days here as exciting…..a chance to get away from things….the was remite…..hey felt free to be themselves in ways that would not otherwise be acceptable. they said that they walked around mostly naked. there were not yet set up for producing products and clothes were an expensive rarity. part of that freedom was sexual freedom and homosexual freedom. there was Noone to tell them what was acceptable and what was not.

Soon thereafter others came to the new world…..hey were not happy about being followed but this was a big Country with plenty of room. they used those opportunities to help build the necessary requirements of life. weven all know that several groups had colonies in the new world and eventually there was aggression as the fight for land ownership began. jews were included in those groups but eventually they list their bid for control of these lands. America was still young and there was plenty to do…..hey knew that eventually the game would change. quietly they fit into the crowd but their intentions were otherwise. the rule here is divide and conquer . …hey used arc technology to create that initial rift which became the civil war. that did not transition well, not long after that they lost their bid to bring slaves to the new world. aBraham Lincoln put a stop to slavery and paid for it with his life.

The hatred of Jews seethe and they decided yet another approach to an age old problem. they knew who the enemy was and they knew that the Americas were a financial drw that they could not avoid…..o why not bring all of the enemy to one shore. they understood how the human network was connected by bringing them here they could eventually destroy them here. ifor entire family networks are located in one place and destroyed then how could they possibly return to reincarnate on these lands let alone on this planet. overy sever hundred years the demographics of this planet has changed drastically….ttechnology white races have been plucked and redistributed. the goal here was to relocate and destroy one race after another until only Jews and their underlings remained. 

In the 1960s and 1970s they tried desperately to use the African American population against the whites as a racial war but it too failed to yield results. the Jews felt under represented and ignored as a political body. They had Kennedy killed to keep the ultra white politics from overtaking America. they tried to kill Reagan and that was not successful. Bill Clinton followed in Reagan footsteps and the Jews tried a different format. teying to remove the political leadership did not have enough influence in itself, they needed some method that would weave itself into the fabric of the country and provide impetus for that wave that they could ride again. 

The solid foundation of RReaganomics became another rapid growth period under Bill Clinton…..ttechnology Jews were angry that the whites in this country were rapidly surpassing the Jews in financial stability and wealth, they seemed to have the bat Ural tendency of drawing power to themselves and branching outward. AMerida was large enough to have become it’s own source if resource management and manufacturing….wwe exported more than we imported. aMexicans understood that balance was a requirement in all future gains.

Our current status owes itself to what Israel did to the United States both over time and during the Clinton administration. since they could not penetrate the power base they decided to dismantle the foundation itself. they convinced Bill Clinton that America had grown so powerful and prosperous that the average American was no longer available or content to occupy menial jobs. That while the new empire was under construction we could easily afford to open up trade to other countries letting them pick up the slack. by giving jobs and opening trade to Mexico and China we would bolster them with jobs as opposed to handing them cash to stop poverty. onot the surface and even in principle it was not a bad deal had it been handled and monitored and set up with guidelines but it was not.

The new trade agreements took from America what had taken almost two hundred years to build and brought to America a wave of illegal immigrants that did exactly what israel was hoping for. this new group lowered the standard if American living….tthey spoke little English and they became an avenue for drugs. they filled that desired niche which eventually eroded social services, cus to merge service and base level jobs. aaerica woke up to a second wave of racial failure which was what israel had hopped for. they came in at such a rate that several states shows whites as a minority. this group was more imposing than the previous one because they have a direct doorway to South America the Africans did not. Israel loves minorities they are the bread and butter of  Jews,  the possibilities of making money are far greater for a race if humans that had longed specialized in selling religion , assurance and services to people who desperately want to fit in. anot educated consumer was not a Jews best friend. ashe America had grown the opportunities for Jews to overcharge, overse Lloyd and under deliver had begun to vanish. 

Israel became a country in 1948 it’s barely hatched and it’s on its way out. Israel was inducted into the western Allies and given incentives with money and arms to be that peacekeepers between east and west. noone knew that religion itself meant nothing to Israel…tthey despise Christianity and everything associated with it. the lands of Israel were an opportunity for them to do what they do best with arc technology, that is all it ever was. by the time Bill Clinton took office the IRS was their personal pocketbook…..the media was their stronghold of controlling how their image was perceived and shiny new aircraft Sat on their tarmac in Israel. whole other countries had worked hard to build their status israel became a benefactor of the west……iI sup ported itself on an allowance that gave it the illusion of power, pover that it began to sell to the enemies of the west so it could oneday use them against us.

Twent years onwards we are exactly where they hoped we would be…..red, band rupture and broke. what they didn’t get as an allowance they spent in military adventures with no end in the middle east removing more people to potentially expand their lot size. they were overjoyed to put Obama in the white house….hhe was both African and Jewish but still it did not increase that much sought after political clout they needed. oBama benefited blacks more than Jews and by the end of his term in office the west had lost all intetest in subsidizing Israel. they could sense that the white majority was about to reconnect and assert itself. 

The United States had no idea that Israel had made deals behind their backs with countries like China. i am told that a collection of military hardware from wars attended by America was sent to China for duplication. They quietly bid their time waiting for the right moment to use the east against the west. noone knew that India too for centuries had been on the Jewish payroll….tthey stunted the growth of india because they needed it’s poverty as a resource. they used indians for voice hearing all over the world…..aad trained terrorists using arc technology and voice hearing. they were a recipient of money from Indias drug trade and heroin. whole American troops fight in Afghanistan they had no idea that Israel and India were laughing as arc technology took down military hardware in that corridor. Russia had fought a long battle against terrorism and lost. 

In the past few years ISIS became the new face of terrorism…..nnone knows that ISIS is a participle of India and is on Israel’s payroll. rI got now there is a surge of refugees all over the middle east and North Africa trailing into europe….iisrael uncorked india and unleashed it on the world. India is what we call an exponential nightmare…..aa med with technology. 

India was under the impression that the west was going to route jobs in its direction….ttat israel was going to be its sugar daddy. they had lowered themselves on to israel to become their servants as the b K acts had once been , inot turn they felt that America was promised to them. that Israel would flood this nation with their people and use them to infiltrate every computer network. that they would sit back and bring corporate America to its knees with dAta being list and servers going down. between Mexicans and Indians this country was going to drive out white Anerica.

Weven are now sitting days away from a crucial election. israel sold the public incorrect numbers regarding the candidates…..CNN sold itself out to the Clinton campaign. Ben Carson was a choice for candidate, onew black man to replace another….hhe failed. Burney Sanders a Jewish candidate failed to intetest anyone….Hillary Clinton became the outside runner….tteying knew them well and they had played a big part in using arc technology to damage Bill’s credibility….tteying used him to open trade but then set him up to fall with Whitewater. 

Now we come to the finale..n the eve of election day. iAriel is looking around to see what is left and how it’s going to save utself…..ddly enough it’s only friend india is about to turn and consume it alive. …….as the Indians tell me…..e came to America to live well….wwe came here to sell heroin……aad now we too are caught up in this situation. The election of Trump to office is detrimental to israel because the Mexican ilegals they brought here fall under the new immigration jurisdictions…….o do the thref million indians. Israel is fully aware that it will no longer be funded by the west and it now sits in a zone of death it created to destroy Syria. wit Houten western help the cleanup of the middle east could take up the better part if a century. INadia is outraged that it’s future that it imagined does not exist…..ttat they were sold a bill of goods by israel who only used them as it had used others……oothers that it ran over, dis carded and betrayed. iNadia thinks that it has the power to sell israel out by outing them to the west and replacing the Jews with themselves….hhighly unlikely because they are no better and have similar attributes. 

So you read all this and you wonder how I fit into this equation. hown did I come to know this….aa I deducting this…..r is someone talking to me. i amy the last part if a large puzzle. i was located 7 years ago by israel and held until now as a voice hearing victim. i was informed that I was Mary Magdalena…..tthey wanted to use me as a center piece for reducing this country into ashes. i amy a symbolic sacrifice as they see it. Myou father was King David who opposed them and ousted them. tone israel I am the point if origination of their hatred against white races. they want tour create yet another spectacular event and I fit into that scenario.

I hAve been told that on the east coast of the United states is the largest assembly if the enemies of  Israel. …ttat we were brought here to be used for their future and it did not materialized. our races are not good at being conditioned with arc technology……tteying have pushed us down but we rose time and again….sstronger and more determined. what they did to the white races they did to me over 7 years in my home but I failed to die. their only hope as they see it is to bomb the east coast of the United states…..wwith an atomic bomb…..rreducing it’s helm of power as they attempt to reposition themselves. that event could be days and weeks away. over the course of over a year I have posted my articles on the FBI and homeland security page without a single response . …..wwhich has troubled even myself that they did not do so much as contact me and say who the hell are you….aad why are you posting this. aread you a writer if fiction….aas you seeking attention …oo are you passing on vital information. i hAve done my best.