One Man’s Misery… Money in the Pocket if Israel…..How Hurricanes Make Money When Governments Refuse to Hand out Billions to Jews in the Name of National Security

Today Hurricane Matthew has entranced the nation…….as the election worry nears in 33 days this storm has developed it’s own perspective. Noone knows  that Israel named it Matthew after Apostle Matthew a man who was once known as Afam.on earth….a man they killed in 2010. A man who was my husband. Yes hurricanes are interesting things to say the least.

In an earlier post today I talked about machines that create weather patterns and much more. That for many countries creating adverse weather to damage their enemies and bordering countries has become a way if life practiced for thousands of years. The machine that creates the weather pattern then tracks the event as it explodes…..the holographic eye then records human responses to tragedy and spreads them like photoshop….so an entire nation can feel depressed and lethargic before an election. Did you ever imagine that technology could create a tragedy and then collect the residue to spread it.

The emmidiate aftermath of a hurricane is the obvious loss of life and property…we are still waiting for the big hit in the hours to come but Israel is already rubbing it’s greasy fingers together in anticipation of insurance fraud…..we will be rich they say. One man’s misery is another’s profit. Insurance fraud and cheap land purchases. Noone knows but those who know how human life and net worth can disappear in minutes only to be coveted by another. Florida has been hit many times and severely to the tune if billions.

Israel’s star is falling and the world does not want to feed a small nation with hand outs invoiced as national security. Israel almost destroyed America in 2 decades by dragging is out and about to demolish their enemies with our military hardware…..they are not our friend or anyone else’s friend……history has a depository if Jewish under achievement that I will soon unveil….all done with technology to kill billions.

So the lesson for today is that weather is something more than it appears to be….it can be a political weapon….a mood depressant….a source if fast cash..and a way to destabilize a nation.