Living in the Present Tense……

For the past few hours as I lay in bed in the early hours of morning they range bells loudly. The difference about hearing bells with voice hearing is that those bells are felt as well as heard. They literally spit electricity at you until your skin burns. Then they move the bells around you and inside you until your internal organs reacted and your stomach gets upset. According to them those people who harbor lies and malice get hurt the worst because the android brain senses those things and the bells are used as tools of retribution.

They created dreams for me by taking snippets from arguments I had with my ex husband as a teenager while we were still in school and combining them with the external visuals of another person’s life experiences so the emotional and physical aspects were mixed up…..they never want to give you anything as it is because deep down inside they know that they are violating humanity…..they call these human studies to see if you recognize yourself within a situation. The goal is for you to wake up feeling sick and angry.

Then they begin their daily assault by lying and letting things fall out of their mouths that end up in my writeups. Today’s starter up is about keeping people in the present tense and focused on today. It always amazed me that the United states has one if the worst educational systems in the western world…….you know that something is wrong when the two halves don’t equate…lots of money and goods and services to purchase but mental poverty prevails even on my we are taught to ignore human history because if you go back and educate yourself as I have done… will find Jews everywhere in history up to no good. Sooner or later even an untrained eye will begin to question the lies….why did the people of Austria in 1349 turn against Jews when 75 million people died in a pandemic.