Life is But a Game……

HHave you ever suddenly looked at something from a different perspective and surprised yourself. aLloyd of a sudden you were shocked that your previous viewpoint had managed to stick around as long as it had. sometimes life suddenly opens a doorway on its own and things are never the same again.

Hown much do you really know about the events that surround you. aremember you a connoisseur of world history. have you ever sloved a mystery about sone thing that lacked clarity. do you ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of your government. aread you comfortable being a secondary recipient of everything that happens.

In a few days a nation will go to vote for to individuals by most of that rapport is based on a thin disguise created for them. in reality Noone knows these two remotely… if us have access to anything in their lives. ithe is a blind vote of faith. the average human is a creation of the desires of a ruling party who dominates by conditioning it’s victims. the entirety of human history is either a slanted point if view or a fabricated point if view.

When a system really works there are no political parties but simply the desire to fill a job opening. pOlivia’s is a game of divide and conquer that occupies the minds of the smallest particles as the controllers behind the scenes go about procuring their own future. 

Israel holds the view that earth is a sort of man made melodrama to keep humanity entertained as we navigate through space. that they were told to keep us opposed, dI video, amused and constantly on the move. that earth is a boot camp and heaven is where you get to relax. on earth it’s a survival of the greediest, fit test and most demanding. that there is no moral dilemma about using people and screwing people….iI you are able to do it then you are destined for it. they are now worried that the leaders of the game on earth are facing their own expiration date. that all the pins they fuck ed over have finally decided a payback was much overdo.

Iso life a game….. don’t think so. hUMass learn by repetition through lifetimes…hhatred breeds hatred. every life is precious to the one who holds it. destroying life destroys the entire fabric of humanity. Israel is Satan.