Last Night and This Morning…….

It appears that the situation between Israel and myself has come to a point of total disagreement. they found me, the sold me out to their indian monkeys, they abused me, they ran the arc program around me to facilitate communication with Jupiter, they got angry when Jupiter found them guilty of genocide. and now they want me dead for acts they have committed against others. 

In the past few days they have done nothing but talk about how bullets will one day find me… those bullets are always aimed at the head and face to ensure the victim never opens up their mouths again.

Last night they turned up the volume of the noise and sent waves of frequency through my house as I laid in bed wondering if I would survive….my son was sick all night long.

This morning a fat old fuck ingredients Jew wants to boast some more about Jewish achievements ……he said that they had asked the American government once permission to form a committee to investigate anti Jewish sentiment. they were told to go home to their living rooms and do what they do best…..which is talk behind people’s backs all day long. they told the government don’t worry we have our own ways and means….we have facebook. that is when the American government knew that trouble was brewing here in America.

They told me yesterday that the 50,000,000 dead of 1914 in the United states were a reprisal for being pushed out of Russia …..that they fled here in fear fir their luves….brought their God damn arc technology and in anger killed millions to feel better and to make room for those they wanted to bring here.

Today I sit in my home knowing that some dirty filthy Jews iris identified me as Mary Magdalene and chose to destroy my family by lumping us hete and placing one if their hand reared indian filth in our country to push it into the dark ages. 

They are ugly, unstable lunatics who cannot make friends, do not want to work but feel that society owes them something… much so that they are willing to kill anything they encounter…..the more innocent the better because watching humans who cannot fathom what is happening to them is sexually and mentally enticing for Jews. remember that I was once like the rest if you fools who read this and say…..ut cannot be true.