The word literally has a meaning of its own. John Friday Kennedy died as I entered the world…..the images however send a message that I understand as do many others. i did not initially understand the Kennedy inigma as they seemed to be dogged by issues….eeery family member seems to have their trial by fire.

When I became a voice hearer our paths collided in more than one way. when I realized that Abraham Lincoln was killed out if anger for abolishing slavery the connection between voice hearing and killing was made…….srael has used voice hearing as a method of choice to kill their enemies using strangers that are later labeled as mentally ill. en tire families as well as the white house are locations where humans are bombarded with technology so they can be watched, lintended too and emotionally pushed around.

Soone my search through antiquities in ancient rome unveiled another look at this famous family who once duplicated their political ambition in other places. i realized that both of our families were instrumental in the history of Rome and it’s implications here. that both of our families have been labeled as enemies of Jews and subjected to extermination on these soils.

A few days ago I ran across some statues that I believed belonged to Patrick Kennedy and in my course of identifying them I found some more intetesting facts. Patrick like his father Ted Kennedy is a United States Representative in Congress . …hhs particular area of interest is mental illness in the United States. I was horrified to see that Israel once again could not contain it’s hatred for this family……hey have left their symbolic signature upon yet another enemy. finstead we subject you and your family members to a technology, then we kill them and the next generation we congratulate with the dubious honor of representing an illness that does not exist but is actually genocide.