Israel Tabulated the Trump Loss at 15 percent of Voters…..

Politics is a dirty game and Israel is that thing that hovers behind decay and a lack of justice in this world. They have done their best with a hurricane and a video tape to destroy an election. Can you imagine that. They are disappointed that the hurricain was shut down and reduced from its original potential to something much less.

I was reading the headlines mintes c ago and once again they cannot refrain from falsifying a headline. One headline read that Trump’s wife had condemned him…it was obvious that it was intended as written…they are so proud of their latest fiasco that they cannot manage themselves.

In reality we have all made comments that should have never left their original destination….Donald is no different. My response to Israel is that what you gained in one direction you also lost in the other. I don’t know a man alive who has not made similar comments no matter how much they deny the truth. Somewhere tonight are lots of male voters thinking that voting for Hillary will include being censored and demean ed as men. The reality is that almost everyone keeps mum rather than talk about things that can cause conflict….we have become a nation of liars….the truth matters not. I am convinced that speaking the truth only happens in a dark room when Noone is around.