Israel….Facebook…..Arc Technology……Donald Trump……Equal Disaster

I have written plenty about arc technology being used in conjunction with Facebook to take every bit of data generated by humans to create files and data bases…..nformation to be used against them…..o exclude them from opportunities and to label them for private action……extermination

Here are some links for you….
The arc streams in all the words written in facebook daily as a for casting system. they study individuals of intetest, they study individuals and their social groups, they study groups that people join. the point is that their intetest is not you or me……ut the position of Israel in the world.

This evening they said something very scary……he best thing for Israel was Donald Trump having a Facebook page. Facebook has tabulated that 44 million people have responded on his pages and those people are now considered the opposition to israel and all of their pages and it’s data goes to its own collection box for studies.

Do you think there is a legal case brewing so big that Israel will be out of Israel?