India wants to Nuke the Eastern Seaboard Board of the United States….

A reaccuring conversation over 7 years has been the desire for India to Nuke the United states. They feel that they were the first people on this planet and that we are sitting on their lands. I cannot understand for the lufe of me why they don’t Nuke Israel because Jews were the ones who killed millions of American indigenous people in the Americas and Canada. 

Arc technology can replace traditional modes of communication both by Internet and by phone. Between Israel and India they have strategically placed numerous boxes around the world to connect to servers but to also create a web outside the perimeter of the world wide Web. 

The question was how did india intend to navigate a missile over such long distances…….a missile is a bullet with a trajectory and the distance is too long. The only way to achieve this is by using an aircraft…..which would have to attain clearance from many international sources to enter and leave their airspace and not conflict with other firms of transportation flying on the same route. This would be an unmanned mission on total auto pilot. To not arouse suspicion over one plane running a continously journey the arc technology would periodically change the commands in its navigational module….so no nation would no its entire flight plan. Arc technology can deliver that are by GPS to its guided location.