India Wants to Be the New Black….

When israel used africans for slavery and manipulation they took a race they had studied and found desirable for certain reasons. There was never any kindness in their hearts for Africans….this was a beneficial relationship as long as they were able to milk it for what it was worth.  They disable a race if humans but in America they taught blacks to use the race card against whites effectively….they built a legal empire based on racial politics that first you cut them down and then you pot them like plants to harvest. Blacks in America saw the bigger picture….we are part of a large nation and we prefer to meld with it….they made the sane normal choice and pulled away from being the cash cow. Israel fed the Martin Luther King Movement as it also gave large sums of money to other black organizations…but in the end it did not pay off….the Jewish economy unlike ours is built on human usage….not an exchange of goods and services.

In recent decades they paired up with India….they too have arc technology and it appears that the Indians see themselves as heir apparent to the throne of African Americans. Half if the United States is under medication from results of arc technology. The Indians are not like the africans who were normal humans……they are rabid creatures filled with hatred…..their country is a large landfill…..they only survive if they are fed…..they are now here in the millions. The are the next wave…..India is ISIS.