Inciting Racial Violence….

TThis morning on Facebook CNN was using their best editorial staff. there were pictures of Hillary and Trump as if they had gotten out of bed and not brushed their hair, there was one of Obama looking towards Trump with disappointment…….i stopped right there and laughed that now they are making hand puppets out of  photographs,  a little late in this century perhaps for such technological advances.

The headlines were all about Obama being angry that Africans had not rallied behind Hillary…..hat the black vote was not as solid as ut should be. what the hell does that mean ? Obama broke no records in office…..e was a kind , inegligent man who was proffered by Istael…..tthey have actually voiced their disappointment in him. no great changes swept through America and if Obama is unhappy with the African American turnout, well we the white grew poorer so I can only imagine what this did for minorities. this is a free country and they are allowed to vote their mindset.

Franked I am appalled that Obama has gone on the campaign trail for Hillary….hat the hell does he think he is doing? He was elected for a position, this election is about two candidates proving their worth independently to the public .  why is a president using his clout to persuade vitets……his should be a legal precedent. Not only that but Bill Clinton served two terms in office which makes Hillary bid a shade of darkness. ….hhe do we separate his influence and ambition when she is in office?

So that brings us to the Supreme Court of the United States…..hat do they do when they are not napping and lunching? This is why Trump is the next president because he has ambition, drive and intelligence to know that America needs someone who is willing to lead.