I Don’t Get It……

I am fascinated with the flood of emotions during this election process. people are weeping as if Trump’s election is their mothers funeral. this whole process of sleazy competition for a job is highly over exaggerated. it’s simply a job opening with requirements but the applicants have to demean themselves, roll in shit and engage in an absurd song and dance routine for the voters.

I keep reading that Trump has no values, no experience and no clue……now where the hell do they come up with that. he has more energy, spank and drive and business models that he has executed than any other president. he is not just an attorney type like the rest….he has real job experience and the best of it is that he understands monetary accountability. a country is a business for Pete’s sake……this one is practically broke.

Hillary and her strange followers…..her needy children who thought that a cold detached woman was going to bring equality to minorities.she could not even bother to show up last night to be with her staff and supporters lest they see her rage.

I don’t know where the rest if you have been in the past 17 years. seventeen years ago I was a designer working in a large design studio…..one that no longer exists because the economy shattered American dreams. I walked down my street a few weeks ago one night. by the way I live in a beautiful upper end planned unit subdivision that once won a national award for building. I decided to evaluate the state if the economy by simply viewing the current state of care of residences on my street. well, most of them are in dire need of maintenance, people are so broke that basic lawn care and a few green bushes are no longer affordable. the grass is dead and shutters need paint. 

I look at my own life and where it was 8 years ago. I was a single parent putting my child through college on my own. I was a single parent who could afford to buy her son a car. I was a single parent who owned a home and a rental home. I had health insurance and life insurance. I was living the American dream. I was not rich but happily comfortable…..I don’t even want to discuss how my situation has changed. 

The America that I knew no longer exists…..how about you. life on the east coast seems to have more ups and downs, less diversity in the range of job opportunities and far more stress. an average townhouse where I live costs about 40o,000…….in other parts of the country I can buy a home with a pool at half the cost. two trips to buy groceries for a family of 2 costs 600 dollars. you cannot live where I live without making 8000 dollars a month……that’s 96,000 a year. the average household income in America is 39,000 dollars. my utilities are a total of 600 dollars a month.

Now I want to know why everyone is crying and whining about Trump. this country would not have survived another 4 years of this cycle. literally I survived long enough to see him in office…..hoping that the world would rally. running a country requires passion, eye contact and the desire to serve others…….the best presidents have those qualities…..and those qualities are the requirements that cannot be avoided.