Human Slavery….Jews….the Creation of New Races on Earth and Homo Flores….

Humans on earth have done many things to stack the deck in their own favor. Seven species came to this planet from the outside world with differing value systems, customs and reasons for being here. Things became difficult when these races collided and that collision continues today unabated.

These species had their own ways of managing their society and management often included some form of debasing of others that were either members of their own species…related to their own species or outsiders to their own species.

One method of optimizing human effort is through a caste system and these systems can be amazingly complex….you can visualize it as a pyramid chain with a ruling apex and a descending tier of related races that are structured in a manner so that they perform tasks assigned to them for their entire lives. Caste systems were not kind to their members…….you lived and died in a strata without escape. When looking at caste systems you can see that those in the very bottom look vastly different from those at the top genetically and often with skin color variances.

Slavery also meant capturing races not related to you and transporting them far enough from home base to become servants to their new masters. The best known example if this employment was slavery in the United states….africans were transported to a new continent where they were kept offshore on an island called Haiti and brought to the mainland as required. Bringing a race away from its home base created that desired effect because there was no way to get away and the only way out was cooperation. 

The last way to deal with filling the need for help is creating life itself to suite your needs. There is a whole volume of human history hidden from view that will soon entrance humanity. Somewhere in Indonesia China and somewhere in Africa species arose that never lived to see a future. There has long been an assumption that humans evolved from primates and archeologists have spent decades looking for all the bits and pieces that connect modern man with a timeline if evolution that left it’s remnants somewhere. If we are an outgrowth of life forms from this planet the clues must exist somewhere.

A few months ago israel made some interesting comments regarding clues to space travel and how arc technology studies human groups to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. That several groups on this planet show clear signs of lacking the development required to use tools to navigate space. That their current condition on earth shows an inability to plan, build and manage systems required for longterm survival. Basically we were corroborating my understanding against theirs that we are those ancient aliens and that some of us came here from Jupiter long ago.

When the voice hearing saga began and I found myself in conversation with India and Israel one of Indias concerns was that white species came to earth and invaded a planet filled with dark races. That we took their lands, invaded their space and imposed our ideas upon them. That centuries later they found themselves as slaves to other races and shunned from world politics as nothing more than a country of poor and illiterate people to be used for cheap labor.

I had no clue at that point what the relationship was between these two countries. India asked me questions as to whether I believed that white races had done genetic experiments in earth to create life…..referring to themselves as potentially being that life. It was obvious that they were angry for reasons I would come to know later. I told them that playing god was a very good possibility but memories are not stored kite cans of beans over lifetimes so we can retrieve the emails about their shipment and purchase. From a personal point if view my race has never been known for slavery and I could not imagine creating races that are not up to my standards and don’t represent my mindset just so I can have a servant to assist me.they kept on asking these questions and insinuating that I was afraid to give an answer…..what I did not know was that they knew and Israel knew that I had been identified as the genetic eve…..not the historical one sold in stories to humanity asca,woman to populated earth but as Eve the Partner of Adam one if two astronauts who came to earth long ago.

In recent years India has been angered with world reception or lack thereof of. They feel that they are unable to escape the poverty if their country…intetest ithers in investing longterm in India beyond using its people and resources as cheap labor. On one hand they enjoy the slow pace of life in their country and don’t want the mechanical one they have found here where people have no value beyond being a number in a vast system that does not care about them. India also admits that the Indian way if life includes modalities and behaviors that the western world find abusive, intolerable and down right offensive….they want our attention but don’t want our attention. Literally I think they would prefer us dead to us investing in India…..they secretly know that we will never see eye to eye.