How to Hide a Word……

I was searching the Internet today for air crash statistics when I saw a word I have not seen in a very long time…Rhodesia..I was intrigued and had a few moments of nostalgia. Literally I have not heard a peep about this country in so long that it disappeared off my intellectual map.

This by no means is an accident….arc technologies are programmed to erase and withhold the use of words allocated strategically to Israel. These words are locations where Jews might dwell or store things that they prefer left alone. Suddenly an area becomes a blurr and vague. They do this with words when I write my posts….a word in mid thought disappears and I sit there as they make noises in the background that disable my attempts to step back and retrieve it. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I have to replace that word. 

That is the power of the word program. Words are not just elements of speech and writing…..the human vocabulary is being cut and spliced by Jews to reflect their ideology. As words disappear so do all the things associated with them. You can alter trends and the economy by controlling words. 

So why would Rhodesia disappear from view….it’s just another African country right? No its a Jewish stronghold in Africa. They cannot avoid the word south Africa….because it has been and is currently a location of intetest politically and geographically but they can numb the world to other interests that might be theirs. It’s an effective cloaking device that hides something until you stumble upon it or realize that while you went about your business things of great distress devedeveloped here.