How to Erase History…..

The focus of my website and it’s almost 10,000 pages and 2800 posts is about a young and upcoming planet and it’s racial issues that have spawned 500,000 years. The story of 7 species of humans who have failed to make room for themselves and enjoy a life by constantly disrupting others using a technology. That technology has blighted humanity and become the center of a feud between Jews the smallest minority on earth and everyone else.a technology that none of you see but which interacts with all life forms. 

Before technology led to computers Jews burned and banned books….they burnt down the largest libraries in earth which could not be replaced. In the United states they have dumbed down education so that elementary and middle school education is nothing but a dangerous babysitting service. We have all the resources for the finest education in the world yet it is just the opposite. I remember by Roman history teacher….she went on to become a world class historian. She once told me that even professors in University settings did not dare sharing or teaching material not underlined by the university….that what is taught has nothing to do with the trurh….but with the control of Western ideology guided by a few….who wish to present world history in the light of their personal desires.

I remember history class in highschool…the very word history made me cringe….even now most people prefer to live in the present. There are 74 well educated people on my Facebook page….I could present all of you with 10 questions that none of you would be able to answer. Libraries are disappearing, book stores are vanishing… access is made to be appealing but if you are not standing in a bookstore you might not understand what you are not seeing. Arc technology guides all human thought… want to buy a history book….it gently walk you into another decision. The very idea that your smart ohone or laptop is an exclusive doorway to intelligence can limit your ability to understand how your world is shrinking. When you walk into a bookstore you are surrounded by ideas that call out to you…titles if books….covers. when you seek what you think is your decision you don’t see the periphery….UT disappears…you focus on that one idea that has been enhanced for you by arc technology. In a few decades all things of importance will be accessed this way…the need for libraries and bookstores will no longer exist….everyone will think it’s the best idea ever….no paper…quick access…rapid purchase….no traveling…Noone will ever know that their history is gently being exfoliate from under them. You gave up manual control of your world. Someday your behavior might Blick your total access to everything you require to live.

Those people from India hired by Israel to create voice hearing are mostly illiterate and poor….they are all told that reading and writing is not required when you use a sensory equipment.  The reality is that Israel fears that reading and writing will indoctrinate them into the bigger white world Israel wants to destroy…..for Jews to destroy the west….requires one poor nation…Noone understands, called India.