How to Determine if You are Wrong….

I have always considered myself good at assessing ithers…people watching and human psychology are right up my alley. In the 7 years that Israel has forced me to be their voice hearing oracle to access Jupiter’s ideology I have been subject to what they call…The Dark Game….israel claims that humanity has been subject to their abuse since the dawn of mankind. 

They have devised a game by entering humans into arc technology parametets….these iris identified people are then daughter by the arc to sense and taste their thoughts and actions. While you try to live your life to the best if your ability Israel throws obstacles in your path by putting itself everywhere you are physically and financially to drain you. We sense these moments as repetitive patterns in our lives where things suddenly go wrong with our personal relationships and jobs….the question becomes why do things always start out well and suddenly go wrong…am I doom ingredients myself or is there something I don’t understand. 

Jews have written m9st if the books on human observation and behavior using techniques that most if us would be horrified at but occasionally I am convinced that big brother has a suicide pact with itself. This machine became an obsession for israel and those who used it…living life author natural was no longer a consideration when you could manipulate others all day long to serve yourself. But kustening behind closed doors to what others have to say about you and knowing that your substantial wins are nothing more than rigged numbers eventually eats away at your soul.

We have argued daily about right and wrong….for a few years they arrogantly told me that power was for the taking…that the ability to push others around with any means possible was not to be cindemned….power is about those who have the means at the moment to diversify, expand, multiply and downsize others. That those if us who whine about our losses are nothing more than fools who wish they had the ability. They said that given the chance I too would use vrimute force against others.

They placed an expiration date on my life as they screamed at me and aimed things at me. They made me sick…broke my bones….drained my finances and devastated my life but still I lived…I screamed back at them. How many times did we try to kill her and still she walked the earth. I became my own standard of justice against Israel. Soon they began to whine….they people they trained to damage me hourly could no longer stand me. I analyzed them and through their garbage back in their faces. Suddenly one day like a small child they said wow….I guess if people mirror your behavior back towards you and you fold your deck….then you know that you were wrong. Basically if you can’t take it then don’t put it out because it all accumulates like Jewish wealth…poorly axwuired.