How Israel labels People to Dispell the Truth….

The beauty of voice hearing is that the victim is under constant surveillance… sniff and they feel it….you contempt and they know it…nothing can be bypassed….you are connected to a technology that in turn is connected to those who have volunteered to be your eyes and ears for Israel. They are people who have been bred for this machine…..their reptilian genome made their brains and perceptions discernable for this type of training…..I turn exposed to them and it’s equally depressing. Since my interests are not equal to theirs I live my life as I always have but their thoughts trespass through my plain and even their subdued laughter or quick body movements can be felt as it it were my own.

Anyhow israel has learned to turn life into several crucial moments, one of these is the art of playing the victim….the victim gets special benefits and if he or she can prove their victim status they are always exempt from certain scrutiny. According to India 911 which we know was a planned event by India for them made them a victim on American soil…..first they were Holocaust victims….now they are 911 victims. 

The next level is labeling people….israel invented tabloids….they watched and listened using arc technology and sold that information as retribution……tabloids are not entertainment they destroy lives…..Noone cares until they are the victim. 

I have been warned every day that my books will oneday place me in a position for retribution by Israel. They had hoped that India and it’s program of screaming and abuse would kill me slowly so this nightmare that they unleashed on themselves would go away. Then they hoped that boredom would set in and I would disappear into my previous life and leave them alone, it did not. My website became one of the largest personal websites on earth and like all subversive material it was located by those who watch for them.  Then I posted my material everyday on the a FBI and the Homeland security forums on facebook as well as a few other key places. At some point they realized that I had generated enough intetest that killing me was not going to erase the impact. Then the consideration was how can we use this material as dangerous as it is to Israel’s benefit… many mind games do we have to play with her to disarm her.

Somewhere deep inside israel knows that the trajectory of technology and the arc will coincide. There choice was always to use others to do the dirty work and those who do dirty work are just that….and they all leave residue…they all open their mouths….they all require money and eventually that money does not do the job. Israel is now in a diminishing set of returns where the arc is both an interest in their future, an advantage they don’t want to lose but the back end of picking up, cleaning up and running a murder for hire business has worn them out.

On every lifetime I have been 8sraels victim….in half a dozen lives they labeled me as a whore including that as Mary Magdalena. I have decided to take my chances….in know more about life and death than any human alive. If the truth exists in my words then it shall surface and validate itself. On my I have used two formats my words and personal blog about a situation so devastating that I am frankly honored that Noone has run away. The second is showing you through picture comparisons that reincarnation is a reality…..I did not carve these statues,  they are found in museums all over the world………I have placed 3100 pictures up for viewing….between the words and the pictures the situation that I have described is too complex to be a work of science fiction. I try to use everyday situations in the press to juxtapose my world versus yours….we are both looking at the same things but we see them perhaps very differently……can you now understand my world better than you did before. How many times will Israel downsize people to make them fade into the background to discount the truth. The truth will emerge sooner or later with or without me here.