How India Devoured the World from a Distance…

For those if you who have read my writings you have read the words india and Israel hundreds of times and perhaps not understood the significance of what is being sighted. So we will approach this idea from a different vantage point.

We have all been taught ignorance and assumption in various ways to enhance the idea that all things that appear human are human and that they all have the same agenda. Our issues have been reduced to a thin broth that consists of superficial physical differences such as color if skin and religion. The truth is far from this reality.

When it comes to aggression humans approach violence and contempt in as many ways as they are different. Some prefer a direct confrontation…others an axial confrontation and yet others a penetration through a host who initiates and becomes a bizarre attraction.

When the Roman Empire fell it was penetrated by eastern religion and superstition. Rome had its factions…in Rome Jews and other white races held office and rank yet they fell upon each other and for several thousand years we have been secret enemies. We always want to assume that the enemy has to be something radically different…..even in the animal kingdom there are creatures who mimic oneanother. It’s not that unusual to assume that one white race might want to remove another for reasons of its own….and it’s not necessary for us to understand why another group exhibits strange behavior…..species have differences that cannot be overcome….that is why they are called species

India is a country few understand or  want to. Racially they have not blended well with the rest of the world and their politics has also left them behind world standards. The west has ignored them as a nation defined by poverty and illiteracy not grasping that these are superficial definitions describing a mental and emotional setting as described by a species…..symptoms that cannot be cured. India has had its own methods of sensing out the world and trying to place itself in positions without making the necessary approaches by building bonds. Humans go through a type of ceremony when they greet strangers and desire to include them or be included by them. Indias personal settings do not seem to assimilate well with the rest if the world.  Oddly enough there are places in the eastern quadrant if this planet that India might have influence and might want to consider but they seem to want to force the issue where it does not transfer well.

Israel is begining to understand that it’s longterm friendship and relationship with India was not what it thought. That Israel and India had a bizarre courtship, that they played grandiose mental games with humanity…..that they congratulated themselves on their partnership to remove and dissuade humans from returning to earth. That they rewrote human history, tore up reality and used voice hearing techniques to brand a new illness called mental illness as people were tortured and killed in a democratic nation with a constitution. Now Israel is struck with terror that it’s losing….that it was set up by a race of reptilians….referred to in the Bible as Satan….however a israel white washed the bible to remove all things that mattered. Israel has now realized that it too became lunch meat for India….that poverty and illiteracy contain things we don’t understand and by the time we understood them we were knee deep in trouble. 

I am the third party…..they are using me to reconfigure what the trurh might be. Technology can be a fearsome thing….that is at the core of the issue…but a race of devious and dangerous creatures that fail to meet human standards are also standing there. Is this an episode of startrek…’s actually a lot stranger and more dangerous that a machine none of you understand can kill millions of you. The hurricain that came towards Florida and the previous one towards Mexico were man made and stopped by me. Now size that up.