How Does the Truth Shape Itself….

The truth is at the center of everything that has occured to me in the pastb7 years……israel has placed itself and juxtaposed itself to the truth. One group of people called Jews decided at some point that they could manufacture a secondary truth like an aquarium for humans. That humans can be sustained in a medium to live their lives not to their satisfaction but to the satisfaction of their overlords and the prosperity of Israel. That this planet is not big enough and resourceful enough to have 7 billion people who desire happiness….that this situation can be offset with a few being happy and the others serving the need of the few. However those few apparently belong to one race called Jews.

Yes until you read my many dissertations you thought your life was nirmal….well atleast you thought the issues were only occur ancestors and themes visited upon all normal living creatures…now you atleast look at things differently. You thought you were grown adults capable of seeing through liars and scoundrels but now you read my words and go oh shit this is like startrek…..yes it is….I hope you have a seat belt.

Everything in life boils down to a few realities that we have made popular….we call it the trurh. So what the fuck is this thing and how do we test it….for the most part it was factored into the universe to guide us even though we have free will. Truth is an imaginary line around which we huddle….it can’t be seen but it is sensed by all creatures large and small. The trurh has something in common with pleasure….it makes you happy…it to has a good outcome and that outcome seems to serve a large population. 

The truth creates the least amount of commotion and disturbance which is similar to an air traffic control system…things takeoff and land safely. The truth is an area where things are deposited and placed into position….we then walk away from those things and periodically we return and survey them to ascertain how we feel about where we left them. Those things that hold true tend to stay in their original position the longest…somethings are picked up and moved again and a few are discarded permanently. The truth like fashion can change colors slightly and like a river change its course over a huge expanse if time but the truth does leave a timeline that occupies space and time as a general pathway and route that has been navigated and a residue is left.

It is possible that the trurh shares a similarity to human memory and personal disposition of a given race if creatures……that my view of the truth may not match that of Israel and India….however if we all live on this planet and comingle that truth or those three truths must overlay at some points.

The problem is that humans require the trurh to survive and thrive…..when those truths vary greatly then issues arise that no manner if compromise might settle for long. Those people with similar truths huddle together geographically and set their boundaries like Facebook settings to include, exclude or block people. This planet is now suffering from a timeline…truth agenda malfunction from hell.

As we sit here everyday we struggle to understand ourselves and discuss philosophical issues to decide if we are here on this planet to find peace amongst mankind or kill that which offends us until a few are left who can get along. Everyone wants to feel that they are a part of that decision making process… are not….I am….is that a good feeling ir bad feeling? I am here to protect those who can cooperate and find the means to peaceful solutions….is have been given the right to dispose of three nations….3 billion people without a second thought….how does that feel?