Hoboken….New Jersey Train Derailment

This incident occured this morning and few of you understand that arc technology allows a super computer at a distance to tamper with and change commands and settings on machinery and ewuiptment with digitized settings. 

As we head towards election day there will be more incidents like this. The next 90 days will be poor choices for travel by train and plane. Asking ISIS why they continue to damage innocent people to further a cause that will never root in this country and actually impairs life for their people here….they always answer that we are who we are….they somehow feel that they can bring our world to it knees and is with it. Until you have talked with Jews and Indians who plots this bullshit it’s hard to understand how troubling human viewpoints can be and they are.

They however made an intetesting comment this morning about how one incident riquochets outwards…..that one train derailment and one and accident send messages if fear and disable humans to gather the wits to use public transportation. So look for events that cause disruption…..ISIS is run by poor illiterate people and their politics has a fingerprint…….it’s about damage and fear….things that themes understand and bring upon their own people.

The United States government has a different policy about terror than most European nations who address it and allow the public to react. Here law enforcement hides the truth believing that it will disrupt the nation when it’s really the other way around.